Why Homeschooling Might Not Be a Good Idea for Your Teens?

A lot of parents dread at the thought of sending away their teens to study at a high school. What if their teens are not able to adapt themselves to the changing environment? What if the school teachers are not treating their teens well? What if the other kids at school are mean towards them? Will their teen be able to cope with such challenges? Such thoughts cross their mind, making them feel paranoid. At such point, they only would like to consider one safe option – homeschooling. Many parents believe that they can teach their children just because they have attended school. However, that’s not true. Just because you have visited a doctor does not make you know how to perform a surgery. Therefore, teaching can be done in a proper and organized way only at a traditional school. Let’s look at some of the major reasons why homeschooling might not be a good idea for your teens.


Teens who are homeschooled may become isolated especially when they don’t have any siblings at home. They may miss out on the friendships in school which could make them know the concept of helping out each other and sharing. They may also not get enough exposure which a traditional school might give them. Most of the times, teens become highly dependent on their parents for everything.

No Social Activity

Homeschooling can cause teens to have limited social interaction or none at all. When teens are homeschooled, they do not have any friends to talk to, share their stories with, or hang out between intervals. They remain confined within the boundaries of their house and do not participate in any social activity, hence becoming isolated. In a traditional school, teens are allowed to meet other students of their age that come from diverse cultural backgrounds. Participating in extracurricular activities boost their confidence level and improve their interpersonal skills. Whereas with homeschooling, their social, emotional, and psychological development is hindered.

No Proper Assessment Procedure

Traditional schools usually conduct periodic tests for students to prepare for the next level. However, in homeschooling, no such procedure is followed. Teens who are homeschooled have to take only an annual assessment test before moving to the next level. This leads them to have tremendous mental pressure because they have to prepare for their annual assessment exams just in one go.

No Competition

Teens get a fair chance to compete with other students at a traditional school. However, there is no such competition in homeschooling. Traditional schooling develops a competitive spirit in students which is absent in homeschooling. When teens are not educated about a healthy competition, they would never know where they stand among their peers. This will become problematic for them in future when they have to pursue their careers.

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