Alternative School Options for Troubled Teens

Troubled teens need an extra bit of care, moral support, guidance, and training so that they can regain their lost confidence and become an active part of the society. Unfortunately, public schools cannot provide the individual attention these kids need. If you’re parenting such a child, then you may want to expand your options and look for alternative schools. There are various types of such schools that are dedicated to bringing a positive change among the youngsters by helping them overcome their issues. Here are a few options you may consider.

Military Schools

Military schools are a good option for troubled kids. They incorporate military training into their education. These schools foster positive and healthy habits among kids. They are best for kids who have discipline and behavior issues, but if your kid is suffering from drug addiction, depression or any other serious issue, then it is best to explore some other schooling option.

Charter Schools

Charter schools are public-funded schools, but they different from public schools as they do not follow the traditional method of teaching. They have their own rules and regulations. They have a freedom to choose their policies and curriculum, but as a result, they are required to show good results. These schools make sure the troubled kids get the support they need to overcome their problems. These schools usually have a long waiting list, which is a clear proof of their popularity and effectiveness.

Religious Schools

Religious boarding schools, as the name implies, follow religious philosophies to heal the troubled kids. Their curriculum revolves around religion and their teachers also make sure to incorporate religious teaching into their lectures. A large number of parents prefer sending their troubled kids to religious schools in a hope that religious education will help their kid in overcoming their problems, whether it is a drug addiction, behavioral issues, or any other problem.

Therapeutic Schools

Therapeutic boarding schools are perfect for kids who are suffering from serious issues like drug and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, lower self-esteem, ADD, etc. Along with formal education, these schools also conduct different types of group and individual therapies to help kids in overcoming their problems. The best thing about these schools is that they give individual attention to every single student just to make sure he turns out to be a good person and a good citizen. The major drawback of these schools is that they have a higher fee. 

Note: All aforementioned schools adopt a totally different approach for educating kids, so it is difficult to say which type of school is the most effective one. It is strongly recommended that you select the school that is specialized in coping with those specific issues which are faced by your kid.

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