5 Things That Nobody Told You about Homeschooling

The idea of homeschooling teens seems scary, but it may be worth it, especially due to the extraordinary benefits it offers. Here are a few lesser known facts about homeschooling kids that will definitely clear your misconceptions about it.

1. It Does Not Affect Kid’s Social Life

There is a general misconception that homeschoolers are lonely souls. This is nowhere close to the truth. There is no denying the fact that school is an excellent place for kids to make friends and socialize, but in today’s day and age, most of the socialization is done through technological platforms like social networking sites, chat apps, etc. Homeschooled kids do have access to these platforms, thus remaining very much at par with other kids as far as having a social life is concerned.

2. It Strengthens Your Bonding with Your Kid

The bond parents share with homeschoolers is a special one, as they not only act as parents, but also as teachers. Homeschooling your kid means you will be spending more time with your kid, which is a great experience in itself. It will help you in getting to know more about your kid, theirs habits, weaknesses, insecurities, fears, and much more.

3. It Is a Full-Time Job

Homeschooling is the other name for patience and tolerance. It is like a full-time job as you have to do everything yourself from selecting the course content to teaching your kid. Also, you have to maintain a balance between being a teacher and a parent. In addition, you will also have to make sure they experience everything kids studying in traditional school experience, like visiting a historical place, going on study tours, participating in science and art exhibition, etc.

4. It Develops Lifelong Skills among Kids

Homeschooled kids are independent, flexible, and reliable. These traits are not common. There are a lot of studies conducted on the effectiveness of homeschooling and it turns out that kids who are homeschooled are generally smarter than other kids, and they also have a good character. Homeschooling provides kids with more time to participate in extracurricular activities as they get their school work done faster than kids who are enrolled in traditional schools. Also, they study for gaining knowledge and not just for getting good grades, so what they learn stays with them for a long time. This is why most of the homeschooled kids are creative. Some of them also turn out to be good artists, musicians, and professionals.

5. Parents Can Be Great Teachers

It is generally assumed that parents are not good at teaching as they lack the educational qualifications and skills needed to become good teachers. This is certainly not true. Anyone with a school degree or a diploma can easily teach all the subjects to a kid. So if you have a college or university degree, then it is a plus point, but if you have just completed your school education, then still you can become a good teacher.

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