Ultimate Parental Control Software

You can keep your children safe online and protect them from the online dangers with the use of SecureTeen. This parental control solution has been designed to guard your children 24x7 and keep them away from internet hazards.

Protection from Online Dangers

Protect your children from dangers lurking on the internet such as cyberbullying, sexual predators, etc. with SecureTeen.

Block Inappropriate Content

With the help of an effective filtering technology, block inappropriate content or unsuitable websites so your child cannot view them. This will help them stay away from pornography and online violence.

Monitor Your Child's Activity

Use this effective parental control solution to monitor, control, and secure your child’s online experience from anywhere at any time.

Ultimate Features to Safeguard your Kids

Block Inappropriate Content

Filter your child's online activity in real-time and block access to inappropriate content present on the internet such as pornography and violence.

Block Apps

If you do not want your child to access certain apps, then simply block them. You can also block those apps for certain hours of the day.

Monitor SMS and Chat Messengers

Monitor your child's SMS and chat messages in order to know whether he is engaged in sexting or sharing inappropriate content with others.

View Internet Activity

Know what your child is doing online and view his internet activity to make sure he is not accessing harmful content.

Track Location

Always remain informed of your child's whereabouts and track his location so you can be prepared for an emergency.

Remote Management

Monitor, control, and secure your child's online experience easily from anywhere in the world and at any given time.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

It is very easy to install and configure SecureTeen parental control and whole process takes just few minutes.

Install and Configure Secureteen App

Customize User Rules/Settings

Start Monitoring all the activities remotely

  • Such a useful app!

    I'm glad I came across this parental control app so soon because it helps me in keeping track of my child's online activity. I can now know what he is up to whenever he is using the internet.

  • One of the best parental control apps out there!

    I would highly recommend all the parents to give this app a shot because it has some incredible features in it. I love its location-tracking feature. I no longer have to worry about my teen's whereabouts now.

  • A must-have for every parent!

    I can't deny the fact how helpful SecureTeen has been for me. It not only helps me keeping a track on my child's web activity but also helps me monitor everything remotely. I am very satisfied with this app.