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Ultimate Parental Control Software

Your children are most impressionable during their teenage years. But how do you ensure the internet they see is a safe place for them to grow – and without pushing them away?

SecureTeen's undetectable surveillance software is all you need for 24/7 peace of mind over your children's online activity.

Non-Intrusive Monitoring

Remain in the loop of your children’s activity with undetectable insight into messaging and calls, chat messengers and apps, as well as real-time location data.

Web Filtering Technology

Decide the exact content your children can see, and never again be in the dark about what content that they access.

Screen Time Management

Specify the time your children spend on any application and keep them on the right path with their studies and other obligations.

Ultimate Features to Safeguard your Kids

SMS Monitoring App

Total Monitoring Peace of Mind

Equip SecureTeen to your children’s devices to observe their spoken and written communications in total confidence. From SMS and Calls to Location, Pictures, Emails and popular messaging platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Viber etc. Check out all Available Features

Internet Blocking App

Put an End to Unsafe Content

Trust SecureTeen’s leading web filtering technology to block all websites you deem unsuitable. Keep your kids free from pornography, violence and other damaging online media. Check out all Available Features

Screen Time controlling app

Tailor Screen Time to Their Needs

With SecureTeen you can set up 100% customisable device usage quotas to help your children focus on the right things. Keep their morning, lunch and bed routines free of distraction and focused on work. Check out all Available Features

Web Monitoring App

Guide Their Growth through App Control

Restrict access to unwanted apps by custom daily usage settings. You can block any app as well as set quota for daily usage. Check out all Available Features

Location Tracking App

100% Protection on Any Device

Rely on SecureTeen to provide total protection on any device. Smartphone, tablet, laptop – keep your teens focused on the right things in life. Check out all Available Features

Parental Control App

Powerful Surveillance

SecureTeen gives you total monitoring access from a secure remote account. See and govern what your teens are looking at, without losing their trust. Check out all Available Features

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

It is very easy to install and configure SecureTeen parental control and whole process takes just few minutes. Check out all Available Features

Parental Control App

Install and Configure Secureteen App

Free Parental Control App

Customize User Rules/Settings

Parental Control Software

Start Monitoring all the activities remotely

  • Parental Control

    Such a useful app!

    I'm glad I came across this parental control app so soon because it helps me in keeping track of my child's online activity. I can now know what he is up to whenever he is using the internet.

  • Parental Control

    One of the best parental control apps out there!

    I would highly recommend all the parents to give this app a shot because it has some incredible features in it. I love its location-tracking feature. I no longer have to worry about my teen's whereabouts now.

  • Parental Control

    A must-have for every parent!

    I can't deny the fact how helpful SecureTeen has been for me. It not only helps me keeping a track on my child's web activity but also helps me monitor everything remotely. I am very satisfied with this app.