Go Green: Top 5 Recycled DIY Craft Ideas for Teens

The word “recycling” isn’t the most appealing word for teens as they struggle to see the rationale behind it. This makes it challenging for parents to teach the importance of saving the planet by recycling unwanted materials into useful items. To tackle this issue, all you need to do is set a date for a “repurposing party”. Ask your kids to invite all their friends. The whole idea is to let the kids create recycled crafts from unwanted materials using their own creativity and imagination. Here are 5 creative craft ideas for teens that you should definitely share with them.

Turn a Wine Bottle into Vase

Ask kids to soak wine bottles in hot water for a few minutes. This will make it easier to remove labels from them. Now tell them to take a newspaper, cut it in any shape, and paste it on bottles using glue. The next step is applying spray colors of their choice on the wine bottles. You may also suggest sprinkling glitter on the bottles to give it a funky look. Let the bottles dry for a few hours. Now ask kids to use water on the bottles to remove newspapers. They can create unique designs by using this technique or they may completely paint the bottles with a single color.

Convert Plastic Bottles into Plant Holders

Plastic bottles are easily available in every home. You may encourage kids to use them for creating plant holders. Ask them to take plastic bottles and cut their upper part. Now let them fill the bottles with mud for growing plants.

Create Gloves with Socks

Creating fingerless gloves with socks only require a few minutes. Ask kids to take a scissor and cut the toe part of the socks. This is where their fingers will go. Now ask them to create a small circle in the area that covers their heels. This hole is for their thumb. The new pair of gloves is ready.

Make Handmade Purse using Old Jeans

Ask teens to take any old jeans they no longer use and draw a line a few inches up any leg’s hem. Now ask them to separate this part by cutting it with a scissor. The line they drew will make it easier for them to cut the jeans. Cutting will give a small piece of jeans with both sides open. Now guide kids to stitch the hem of the jeans together to close the bottom of the purse. Now, help them in creating two holes on both sides of the upper edges and insert a ribbons in them. These ribbons will act as straps. Tie a knot to make sure ribbons remain fixed. Do let kids know that they can select the length of ribbons as per their need.

Turn a T-Shirt into a Pillow

Ask your kids to take out any T-shirt that is too short for them or has accidently shrunk during the wash, and cut both its arms. Now ask them to stitch the bottom and holes present on both the sides. Tell them to take any soft thing they have, like foam chunks, pieces of old clothes, etc., and keep filling the shirt unless it starts to look and feel soft and comfy. Now ask them to stitch or glue the neck hole. Your kids can also use it as a cushion or a pet pillow.

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