iPad and iPhone Parental Controls

Ultimate peace of mind for what your kids do online

  • Monitor your kids' online activities and filter mature content
  • Manage your kids' daily schedule by limiting their time spent online
  • Remotely monitor your kids' location

1 year/ 3 Devices

Internet Filtering

Make your child’s online access safer by filtering out all kinds of bad stuff from the web, including pornography, violence, gambling, etc.

Location tracking

SecureTeen can help track your child's movement. If they go somewhere you don't know about then SecureTeen's online map will alert you. The app lets you stay in the know at all times!

Block Pornography

There's no question of your child gaining access to a porn site with SecureTeen parental control app on their iPads and iPhones. The app will completely block out all harmful webpages and content in real time.

Web History Logging

This particular feature helps you get the tiniest details on all your child's online activity. Every website and webpage they ever open will be recorded and sent to you for checking.

Safe Search

These are filters which act as a shield against mature and adult content. With these SecureTeen ensures that your child never has an accidental exposure to harmful content.

Remote Management

You can remotely keep an eye on your kids because of SecureTeen's online dashboard. You never have to grab your child or their phone to get the information you need, SecureTeen has it all for you!

Follow these steps to protect your teens

Step 1

Install and Configure
Secureteen App

Step 2

Customize User

Step 3

Monitor all the
activities on device

Is your child's iPhone giving you an uneasy feeling? Are you worried they might be exposed to the wrong kind of stuff through their iPhone? You're not wrong to be concerned. SecureTeen's app for iPhone was built to help parents like you. Have a look at some of the SecureTeen's features to get a better idea of how the app can help you.

Block harmful and mature content

Our easy to use categories and safe search feature will help you keep harmful and adult content at bay. You can filter out all the trash and ensure that your child is not exposed to the wrong kind of content.

Better focus is the best affection

SecureTeen gives you the ability to monitor more than one child simultaneously. What this means is that you won't miss out on one child's problems while dealing with another. You can provide proper focus and attention to all your kids with SecureTeen's help.

Check out all their online activity

Every single webpage that your child clicks on and every single site that they visit will be available for you to check. The web history logging conducted by SecureTeen gives you a better idea of what your child is exposed to online.

  • Joe

    Montgomery, USA

    SecureTeen parental control helped me keep my son away from porn. There is so much disgusting stuff on the internet which makes me wonder just what kids are exposed to. I don't have to worry much because I've got SecureTeen on my son's phone. I don't know what I'd do without it.

  • Angel

    Indianapolis, USA

    It works like a charm on my kids' iPhones. I'm glad I got it. There isn't much they can hide from me now and I can keep a proper check on them at all times. I have two jobs so it isn't always easy to stay involved in their lives. But that's not a problem for me anymore because I've got SecureTeen.

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