How Can Parents Help Their Children Deal with Cyberbullying?

Child Safety

The internet is easily available to everyone these days. While some people are using this space for betterment and for good reasons, there are some people who are misusing the internet. Several online threats, most popularly Read full article

December 02nd, 2018 22:45 pm

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Five Ways Fathers Can Protect Their Children from a Pedophile

Family Dynamics

Those who prey upon children are known as pedophiles. A pedophile is a sexual predator, someone who is sexually attracted to children. Most of us believe that pedophiles have to be strangers, which is why parents advise their Read full article

November 19th, 2018 00:00 am

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What Makes a Teenager Experiment with Drugs?

Parenting Challenges

When children step into the adolescent age, they are influenced by a number of factors especially when they attend high school and meet new people. There’s a chance they may get influenced by their peers either Read full article

July 06th, 2018 02:46 am

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Here are a Few Exciting Summer Job Ideas for Your Teens


Many teens await summer vacation all year round so they can get to do something productive other than their regular studies. Summer vacation might also be the best time for them to hunt for a job. Majority of parents, as well Read full article

June 27th, 2018 22:49 pm

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