Windows Parental Controls

For vigilant parents to control and manage their kids' online activities

  • Ensure your kid' internet safety by keeping them away from graphic content
  • Restrict downloading suspicious applications to protect kids from unwanted information
  • Manage your kids' daily schedule by limiting their time spent online

1 year/ 3 Devices

Internet Filtering

This feature of SecureTeen parental control software keeps your child safe from the negative influence of internet by blocking access to sites and pages containing inappropriate and offensive content such as pornography and drugs.

Application Blocking

With this feature you no longer have to delete an application or software that you don't want your kids to use. Simply add it to the block list and it'll cease to function!

Block Pornography

With SecureTeen there's no question of your child accidently opening porn. The app blocks and filters out content in real time, and no pornographic webpage escapes its grasp!

Time Management

Don't let your children go crazy with unlimited sessions of internet activity. Use SecureTeen windows 10 parental controls to restrict them to a schedule so they can focus on sports, schools and friends as well

Web History Logging

This feature helps build a big list of the URLs that your child's been going through online. So you can have a peak at any and every web page that they've accessed!

Safe Search

Safe Search filters out the bad and ugly on the internet so your child isn't exposed to any harmful content for even a minute

Remote Management

SecureTeen allows you to manage and monitor your child's online safety through a remote control panel designed especially for you!

Location tracking

SecureTeen makes use of some of the most effective tracking tech to help your track every step your child takes. The app keeps a watch so you can breathe easy

Follow these steps to protect your teens

Step 1

Install and Configure
Secureteen App

Step 2

Customize User

Step 3

Monitor all the
activities on device

SecureTeen is your one stop shop against harmful and detrimental online content. Your child is going to be exposed to a number of odd things while they're surfing the internet. SecureTeen strives to ensure their safety by constantly gathering information on their online habits and sending over the information to you. Here's how it can help you

Block harmful and adult content

With SecureTeen you don't have to worry about porn and other harmful content making its way to your child. SecureTeen has several features that completely block out all inappropriate things from your child's computer.

Proper time and focus for kids

SecureTeen can help you monitor all your kids simultaneously. How does this help? By giving you simultaneous information on all your kids, SecureTeen helps ensure that you are able to address the issues that they all have, and don't end up ignoring one child because of another child's problem(s).

Time management made easy

SecureTeen gives you the ability to create a timetable for your child's online use. With this you can make sure that they do a lot more than spend the entire day on their computer using the internet. The software will ensure that the internet connection fails to work unless it's been approved on the time table.

Check their complete online activity

SecureTeen creates logs of your child's all web activities. Every site they open and every webpage they visit is available for your perusal. All you need to do to have a look is sign into your SecureTeen online account.

Keep cyberbullies and stalkers away

With the help of SecureTeen you can make sure that no cyberbully or stalker is harassing your child. It helps give you a clear picture of who your child is interacting with and if they're in trouble you can act swiftly.

Keep them safe from stranger or bullies

Check out their chatlogs on your online dashboard to stay in the know

  • Greyson

    Los Angeles, USA

    I have used SecureTeen on my son's computer for about three months now and I have to say that this was a good decision. He was getting too addicted to those damn online games. SecureTeen helped me create a little timetable for him so that he does a lot more than just play games all day. I can actually pick and choose when he gets to go online. I don't have to worry about him doing God knows what on the internet anymore.

  • Steph

    Chicago, USA

    I don't know much about technology. I am a pretty traditional parent. We grew up with actual toys and not iPads, you know. When my teens started staying glued to their computers, I didn't know what to do. Even if I wanted to check what they were up to, they were smarter at this stuff than I was. So I looked for a software that could help keep me in the loop and I found SecureTeen. It's easy to use for even someone like me and gives me all the information I need. Thank you SecureTeen for helping me keep my tech-obsessed kids safe.

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