List Of Drugs Used Most Often By Teens

Drug addiction among teenagers has become a disease that has eroded the social structure of many nations. Therefore, it is necessary that it is kept in check and provisions are made to prevent drug usage among American teenagers. Parents can play a key role in keeping their teens away from this devastating habit. They should be aware of the different types of drugs used by teenagers, so that they can pick early signs of drug use and take steps to control it. Following, is the list of drugs most commonly used by teens in America.


Marijuana is obtained from a plant called Cannabis. This drug alters the mind and induces psychoactive tendencies. A mixture of shredded stems, seeds and leaves of the plant, Marijuana is smoked as a cigarette or in a pipe. Its street names are pot, weed and dope.


LSD is a drug that induces hallucinations. It is usually taken in the form of tablet, capsule or liquid. This drug is not organic, but produced in labs. LSD is frequently consumed during rave parties. Common street names for it are acid, mellow yellow and dots.


This drug is consumed in the form of white powder, which is snorted or its solution is injected in the veins of the user. This drug excites the user, creating anxiety and a euphoric effect . The street names for Cocaine are coke and crack.


Also called the Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid, this drug is either available as a clear, odorless liquid or a white powder. This drug is mostly used in date-rapes as it can be mixed easily with any liquid and given to the victim without her knowledge. Hence, it is famously known as the “date-rape drug”. GHB is produced in labs and affects the central nervous system, causing the user to feel euphoria, confusion and memory loss.


2C-E or hallucinogen is another drug consumed in rave parties. There have been cases when users have been reported to die due to its overdose. It has a gradual effect, so teens usually  consume it in excess. This can cause heavy internal bleeding and even death. The most frightening part, however, is that this drug is legal. Also called Europa, this concoction has several variations, of which only a few have been banned.

Synthetic Marijuana

Commonly known as K2 or spice, this drug is a mixture of organic marijuana and other chemicals. Synthetic Marijuana is usually sold in small packages of shiny bags. Drug abusers use it by mixing it in tea or smoking it. This allows them to experience the same psychological effects as they do on consuming regular marijuana.


Also known as “date-rape drug”, Rohypnol is an olive green pill that induces depression in the central nervous system, causing amnesia, confusion and impaired judgment. It has been frequently used during sexual assault, where the victim becomes passive after consuming the drink with this drug dissolved in it.

Prescription Drugs

Parents would be surprised to know that drug addiction of prescribed drugs is quite high, among teens. In a survey, Monitoring the Future, conducted in 2012, it was found that 14.8 percent of high-school seniors were using a prescription drug. Abused prescribed drugs that are found commonly in households include Vicodin, Norco and Lortab.

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