What Makes a Teenager Experiment with Drugs?

When children step into the adolescent age, they are influenced by a number of factors especially when they attend high school and meet new people. There’s a chance they may get influenced by their peers either positively or negatively. Speaking of the negative peer pressure, they may even be asked to take on a drug just for the sake of trying.

There is a common misconception among most parents that their teens experiment drugs because they want to show their rebellious side or simply want to lash out. Whereas those who experiment drugs just for the sake of trying them are tagged as being the bad children. While experimenting with drugs for the sake of trying may be one of the reasons why teens get addicted to them but there could be several other reasons.

It is noteworthy to understand what really makes a teenager experiment with drugs. To understand the reasons, you need to first understand what it is really like to be a teenager. Once you understand their mental state, you will be in a better position to help them from becoming a drug addict.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons that make a teenager experiment with drugs.


You must have heard of the famous expression ‘curiosity killed the cat.’ That’s what most teenagers believe in. Being curious is a natural part of a teenager’s life and sometimes it is difficult not being inquisitive about certain things. The majority of the teens begin experimenting with drugs because they are curious about them and want to know what it really feels like while taking them. It is hard for them to believe that drugs can be hazardous for their health because they think they are invincible and drugs won’t do anything bad to them. Therefore, it is quite important to educate your teens regarding the repercussions of drug abuse in order to kill their curiosity.


Another reason why kids may want to experiment with drugs is boredom. Lack of interest in anything else may cause them to try drugs and similar substances. They think experimenting with drugs will become a new pastime for them to explore and they will be able to kill their boredom in such a way. They will look up for information regarding drugs on the internet and social media. In order to keep your teen busy, you should put some responsibilities on their shoulders or make them get involved in extra-curricular activities. This way their minds will be occupied and they may not have much time to think about drugs. You can also put up a parental control on your child’s device to know what sort of activities they are doing online to kill their boredom.

Peer Pressure

Believe it or not, but peer pressure is one of the main reasons why teenagers start experimenting with drugs. When teens enroll in high school, they come across different people and get influenced by their actions. They see their peers taking drugs so they think it’s a normal act. They also begin to think that if everyone else is doing it then they should also do it. In order to fit into their peers' group or act cool in front of others students, they take on drugs. Teens should be taught to differentiate between right and wrong people and learn to avoid the bad company.


For some teens, a drug is a form of escapism. When they feel sad or depressed about a situation, they turn to drugs with hopes of forgetting the bad time and feeling better. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s their attempt to self-meditate. While getting depressed may seem like a normal thing for a teen but there may be some other underlying reasons for their depression that parents should know about before it gets too late.


It is usual for teens to get stressed out during their school years. Jam-packed classes and extracurricular activities may become a burden too heavy for them. To cope with the stress of their academic life, they turn to drugs, thinking they might be able to get some relief from them. Parents should notice if their teens are suffering from a severe stress situation and try to talk to the school authorities for arranging an easy and laidback schedule for their students.  

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