Working moms: How to fit healthy cooking in tight schedules

More and more women today are moving away from their traditional role of a caregiver and climbing the corporate ladder. Many women nowadays are working as well as taking care of their families at the same time. A lot of women however have to look for a job because they are single parents to their kids. Whatever the reason, working and taking care of the family at the same time is a strenuous task. Here are some ways in which working moms can make fast, easy and healthy meals for their kids on a very tight schedule:

Invest in a crock pot 

Crock pots are the easiest way you can quickly put together a healthy meal. Just throw all the ingredients in a crock pot and set it for the amount of time you want it to cook. Crock pots can make healthy meals for working moms in no time. Soups and chillies turn out great when cooked in a crock pot. A quick broth to pour over rice and noodles can also be made in a crock pot.

Plan ahead 

Make plans and a definite timetable for the meals you are going to prepare for your kids throughout the week. Planning ahead is crucial for busy moms as they take time out of their already swamped up schedule to cook healthy meals for their children; otherwise, you won’t be left with any options.

Freezer bag meals 

Freezer bag meals are great with their easy preparation at the start of the week and their quick serving whenever you want. Freezer bag meals are much healthier than your regular canned and frozen meals.

Get creative with the leftovers 

Making use of leftovers is one of the most strategic ways to plan cooking on a tight schedule. Save the leftovers of a dinner and use them in another meal. Your kids won’t even know. Leftovers can save a lot of time and money if you know how to use them well.

Strategic planning 

When choosing what to cook, be very strategic. Choose to cook meals which have similar ingredients. If you have planned to cook a couple of big meals, fit them in your weekly timetable in a way so that you can use the leftovers in the days between.

Pack lunches the night before 

When working and taking care of the family at the same time, you sure want extra sleep whenever you can. Therefore, pack your kids’ lunches the night before. Give your kids a couple of options from the list of mom-approved snacks at night. Then you can focus on the main entrée without having to fret about.

Meal exchanges 

You can partner up with other busy moms who can cook one meal in a week but not many of them. Trade meals with them once or twice a week. It is a great way to take the pressure off you while you work.

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