Working moms: feeling guilty about summer break?

Summer is the time for outdoor fun and activities. It’s the time when kids are on a break from their schools and looking forward to having some quality fun time with their family – away from home. As a custom, moms would start planning out things to do in summer vacations for kids, days before the break starts. Her list of ‘to do’ things would include hanging out by the pool, taking kids for camping, a picnic at the sea side and surfing among several other activities. However, for a working mom summer vacations would begin like any other week before it.

Working mothers and children have an understanding. It's kind of an invisible pact that the kids would have to make do with activities at home, summer camps or visit their grandparents; so that mommy can go to work. While other families have fun during summer break, working mothers go on a guilt trip because of their lack of availability. It is the time of the year when working moms would want to quit their jobs because of the work load at the office while their kids are around 24/7. So how does a working mother keep her kids busy during the summer?  Confused about the things to do in summer vacation for kids?

Fun summer job

The moment you talk to your teens about summer or part time job, they imagine themselves in a uniform behind a counter, serving customers. And this is certainly not an idea of a fun job. But don’t be hasty. Pause and think about your teen’s interests – books, cars, animals, soccer, or water games? Well, you can help get your teens an internship or a summer job in a place where they can have the best time of their lives while they work. Zoological parks, auditoriums, football stadiums, library, coastal areas, and aquariums are places which have a rush of people during summer break and require extra hands to help with work. So pick the place which suits your teens’ interest and give them a chance to have the time of their lives.

Social media, your new friend!

Mommies, don’t give yourself a guilt trip if you see your kids sitting around at home or in their rooms all day in front of their PCs or laptops. Instead of sulking and destroying your diet by eating too much chocolate out of guilt, realize that these days kids are more active and social in the virtual world than in the physical world. 

Similarly, don’t worry if your child spends too much time laying around, playing video games.  Probably, slaying enemies in Mortal Combat and God of War will give them more pleasure than going on a family picnic or camping in woods.

Friend in need is a friend indeed

If a tight schedule does not allow you to take off from work, then talk to your relatives i.e. grandmothers, aunts and friends can almost always lend a hand in helping keep teens busy. The kids would be familiar with the people and they would be able to have fun with them. Of course, your kids may not completely agree with the plans already made; but it would be good for them to have a breather than to spent holidays with the same routine.

Remember to discuss these plans with your kids and make sure to come up with something that suits them. It's their break, don't make decisions that will ruin the summer sun for them! 

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