Top 10 Companies for Working Moms

Ambitious moms would never settle for a smaller slice from either of their two worlds – work and home. However, a helping hand at home and a flexible environment at work would definitely go a long way in helping achieve their targets. This list talks about some of the best companies for working mothers. They have have been judged on the criteria of how flexible their environment is, and other incentives for employees who are mothers.


This pharmaceutical company has some very favorable policies for expectant moms and those who have older children. The flexible schedule of the company allows moms to spend more time with their kids. AstraZeneca allowed 66% of its workforce to adjust timings according to their schedules. The company allows a year of job-guaranteed time off for its new mothers, of which eight weeks are fully paid leaves. Mothers with young kids and teens are allowed to have half working day on Friday to spend more time with their family.

Bain & Co.

This is one of the best places to work for moms. The company has moms working at top management positions, playing major roles in running the company. One fine example is its North American Chief Financial Officer, Mary Welch, who is also a mother of two children and Global Chief Marketing Officer Wendy Miller, who'd got three kids. This consulting company not only supports its working moms with financial incentives, but also provides with an environment conducive to sharing and helping with parenting issues. Colleagues help each other by exchanging shifts, allowing moms to work from home and spend more time with kids.


Accenture is very particular about its employees’ health program, particularly mothers who fill many upper management and leadership roles. Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer are both mothers who hold the top positions of this management consultancy. The company takes care of its ambitious mothers. They get to advance in their careers without having to worry about expenditures on learning and developing their skills. Only last year Accenture spent $800 million to train and develop its woman workforce by providing them with online courses and tuition aid for pursuing MBAs.


AOL is known for its parent friendly policies and environment. The company offers babysitting services for its employees’ kids, so that they can enjoy a day out together. The company is all about work-life balance. The web services company provides flexible, friendly environment to its employees, which is particularly helpful for the moms. The company has in-house clubs, where moms go for biking and running, while they can also stroll around outdoor paths. The moms are also given an option to advance their career through advanced learning; for which the company gives $6,881 annually.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

This health care insurance company not only spends resources on advancing its employees’ careers, but also provides them with parenting counseling. In the company’s rising talent program, moms make 66% of the program who are trained to move towards the level of director. Following this tradition, the company has 65% of women managers and executives of which major portion are moms.

The Boston Consulting Group

No other company deserves to boast off its flexible environment as much as this consulting company. The Boston Consulting Group has developed an innovative approach called Predictability, Teaming and Open Communication. A facilitator asks about the schedule requirements across the U.S before the beginning of a new project and accordingly duties are assigned. This way the company ensures work-family balance.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

The company offers full time parenting advice and counseling to employees to help them maintain balance between work and family time. This biopharmaceutical company offers professional help to employees who are having any relationship or parental issues. 92% of the employees who used these services reported it helped them solve their issues.  The company also offers special child-care health and educational facilities.

CA Technologies

The company pays special importance to family times. Parents are allowed to take 11 paid leaves if their children are sick and full 4 weeks paid leave if there is some serious health issue. Moms are allowed to work from home, as the company provides them with $500 aid to set up a home office and $75 monthly to meet related expenses.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

57% of high management and director positions are held by women. This has made the company very friendly towards working moms. It offers opportunities to its moms to stay fit and healthy through its Family Wellness Program, while they work. Besides that the child insurance the company provides is quite generous.

Chrysler Group

This company offers assistance to moms from the moment an employee is called for an interview and throughout their career at the company. This program is specially designed for ambitious moms who've launch their career with the Chrysler Group. They can move up the ladder with the help of training and assistance provided through the Diversity Council program.

Women don’t have to compromise their careers. All they require is the right company wisely, which may help them achieve their goals at work and home. 

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