Ways for Working Mothers to Spend More Time with Their Teens

Having working parents can be a blessing as well as a problem in some cases. While various studies have proved that working parents, especially working mothers turn out to provide a healthier lifestyle to their teens, some reports also suggest that teens face a lot of problems when their mothers spend more time at work than with them.

Teens who do not receive much attention from their mothers tend to feel lonely and depressed. It is noteworthy that teens require more time and attention than toddlers as they’re in the growing stage and will soon end up in adulthood. They want their parents to give them more time. When they don’t find their parents often at home, they feel they do not have anyone to share their problems with. While they may understand the reasons why their mothers are also working to support them financially, still they feel deprived of love and attention.

Even working mothers feel guilty for not spending too much quality time with their teens. When they’re doing a full-time job outside the home, they worry that they may be neglecting their kids and do not feel happy about it.

To bring them some ease, we have listed down a few helpful ways for working mothers to spend more time with their teens despite having busy work schedules. Let’s go through them one by one:

Rearrange Your Schedule

Working mothers can rearrange their work schedule and make an arrangement with the boss that lets them spend more time with their kids at home. They can start off their work later after dropping your kids to the school and then return to work from your home after you make sure your kids have gone to the bed. In the middle of the day, you can either rush to the office and continue working or work from home. By rearranging your schedule, you will be able to multi-task efficiently – managing your work duties as well as spending time with your kids.

Merge Business Trips with Vacation

Most working mothers can dread business trips to other locations as for them it means moving away from their kids for some time. However, they need to stop and think again. They can turn their business trips into vacations by taking your spouse and teens for a long weekend. After getting done with your business trips, you can finally head back to the hotel and explore the city with your family.

Choose Webinars Over In-Person Meetings/Trainings

With the advancement of technology, we can have in-person meetings and training sessions with people through webinars. Webinars, basically, allow conversation with the audience just like you normally do with the other in-person. One of the major benefits of having a webinar is saving your cost of traveling as well as time. If you’re a working mother, then you would love to have webinars with delegates while just being at home. All you need to do is launch your web browser from your home internet and then attend or deliver a real-time training session or a presentation.

Involve Your Children in Your Work

To spend more time with your teens, there’s one more thing you can try doing. You can bring in your kids to your workplace and let them help you with some work. You can hand over a task to them and then ask them to create an artwork for the break room or help you with arranging the items on your work desk. Or if you want to prepare for a presentation, then you can ask your kids and their friends to visit your work and then let them participate in focus groups so they can brainstorm with you about the new products. The more you involve them in your work directly, the less they will feel like your work is taking you away from them. They will feel happy about your work routine and try to understand you better.

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