Tips for Smooth Transition from Stay-at-Home to Working Mother

If you’ve been a stay at home mother for as long as you can remember, then your kids would have certainly gotten used to having you around. This isn’t a bad thing, but can become a bit of an issue if you, for whatever reasons, decide to start a job. Of course it can affect the entire family, but it’s your youngsters who are going to be affected by it the most. The good news is that you can make this transition smooth and help your kids adjust to this new role of yours. Here are a few ways in which you can do that.

Take Your Kids Onboard

Your kids are used to seeing your face every day after getting back home, and they may feel your absence, especially during the first few days of your job. To make it easier for them and to mentally prepare them for this absence of yours, be sure to talk to them about your plans of starting a job. Make sure they are okay with this idea. Tell them the major reason behind starting a job, be it financial need, boredom, or anything else. Encourage them to share their concerns. Tell them that they are your first priority, and that you may not be physically available to them all the times, but you will be just a call away, and that you will make sure that your job does not affect your bonding with your family. Saying things like these will make it easier for them to warm up to this change.

Make Sure Teens Don’t Take Advantage of Your Absence

Becoming a working mother means you will no longer be able to keep an eye on your kids for most part of the day. What if they take advantage of the situation by indulging in risky or inappropriate activities? Here’s an idea; install parental software on all their devices. This includes both their laptop as well as their smartphone. That way you can remotely keep an eye on their digital activities and communications, remaining perfectly aware of what they’re doing or planning to do, their conversations, their social activities, and even their whereabouts.

Try to Maintain Work-Family Balance

The biggest challenge mothers face after starting a full-time job is time management. They become so busy in their work life that they often start neglecting their family, including their kids. Never let your job affect your family. Spend quality time with kids exactly the way you used to do before starting the job. Prefer going for a job that does not require you to sit late. Also avoid taking work-related calls while you’re around your family. And never miss family events like movie night, picnic etc., as these little things go a long way in keeping the family united.

Take Some Responsibilities Off Your Shoulders

Getting a job means having extra responsibilities on your shoulders. Unfortunately, you cannot just go home and lay down in front of the television just like your hubby. Chances are you will have to prepare food for the family, do the laundry, and even clean their rooms despite feeling exhausted. Be sure to prepare lunch for kids before going to the office. Talk to your husband about dividing responsibilities, especially chores. If he doesn’t understand, make him understand through a rational argument. The same goes for kids. Get them to clean up their rooms every day. Don’t give in to their protests. Tell them that growing up means shouldering more responsibility. Do the laundry on weekends if you really must, otherwise request your husband to share the responsibility with you. It will take your time some time to get used to these additional responsibilities, but they will have to do it for your sake.

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