How moms going back to work can balance work and family

Both the household expenses and the time on a mom’s hands increase when kids start going to school. Moms might want to go back to work after a gap. However, work duties could prove to be much more taxing for moms returning to work. They would not only be managing a job, but also handling household chores and other responsibilities. This might discourage many moms from relaunching their careers. Being a working mother is no easy task. However, careful planning and time management can help moms cope effectively with work and family.

Here are some tips that could help moms returning to work reach the ideal work-family balance.

Try to start out with a part-time job

The most suitable jobs for mothers returning to work after a gap would be part time. Once you’ve adjusted to the new load of responsibilities, you might switch to a full time job.

Communicate with your employer

See if your employer can accommodate your needs. Try to construct and negotiate a written plan with your employer.

Multi-task if possible

There are many possibilities where you could easily multi-task. While your teen is doing their homework by your side, you could easily check your email. Similarly, you could pay your bills during office lunch hour. The goal is to get things done.

Prioritize tasks and delegate duties

You cannot hope to go about a plethora of activities without a list. Prioritize tasks and delegate them. Take the entire family on board and make everybody feel involved. You can also assign some tasks to kids. For instance, your teenage kids can make their bed in the morning and water plants.

Create and organize a family calendar

Creating a family calendar would help you organize and manage work more effectively. A calendar could include the delegated chores, important dates and list of important events including kids’ extra-curricular activities.

Make mornings easier

Try to prepare for the morning the night before. This would save you a lot of hassle. For instance you could repack the backpacks and pack kid’s lunches the night before.

Connect with other parents in your neighborhood

A support network can create convenience for you and for other parents. For instance, you can coordinate with other parents in the neighborhood or in school for picking up or dropping kids home.

Your family is your priority, let them know that

In spite of your busy schedule, try to make time for family activities, especially on weekends. Also, spend some quality time with your spouse and try to reconnect whenever possible.

Make time for yourself

Take a refreshing break from time to time. If you manage time well, you shall be able to fit in “me” time into your schedule. Do not neglect yourself in your crazy-busy world.

Start saying no

You shall have to prioritize and let go of the not-so-important activities. You do not have to take your kids to two birthday parties in a week. Let them know you’re busy and can only take them to one. Also, let your employer know if it is practically impossible for you to shoulder additional responsibility.

Set up  regular family meetings

Discuss assigned duties, coordinate with each other and foster mutual understanding.

Try not to set your standards too high. Managing long working hours with family duties demands energy, effort, planning and management. Do not expect to do everything perfectly. Do not feel guilty about your work. Plan and organize tasks effectively, and in time, you shall find the perfect work-family balance.

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