Careers for Moms! Get back in the game

Working moms are always looking for ways to balance their work and family life. Whether you are a mother of tweens or teens, there is always something at home that needs your undivided attention. Trust me; you are not alone facing this dilemma. I hear working moms talking about more work flexibility all the time. This gave me an idea to make a list of jobs that would be attractive for full time moms because of the following attributes: well-paid, flexible time, choice of full-time or part-time, work from home and daycare facility. Careers for mothers aren’t all that uncommon.


CareerBliss, an online recruitment company conducted a survey on most desirable professions by the working moms. Topping the list was pharmaceuticals because of flexible timings, better management, excellent salary package and other benefits. According to the survey, average salary of a pharmacist was $103,662 per year.


Second most popular profession for working moms was in the administrative sector or clerical staff. Working moms adopt this profession because of its attractive salary range, which is $35,000 to $50,000 annually and flashy titles like executive assistant, office manager etc.


Most of the moms would not compromise on flexible work schedule, which your own business guarantees. Whether you have an office at home or outside, you can work at your own time, following your own pace. The flip side for running a business is that you cannot expect to make money the very first month.

Online Working

Online working and freelancing, on the other hand can be quite desirable for working moms. There is plethora of work from home career websites, which offer content writing and other forms of work-at-home opportunities to moms. This allows them to work at flexible hours and earn reasonable amount of money.

Web Developer

Web developers are quite in demand for their technical skills. They don’t require an office or permanent job to get projects and earn money. This is also suitable for stay-at-home moms, who can earn approximately $55,400 annually.

Fitness Trainer

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has claimed this fast growing career. Moms have the option to be self-employed, have flexible schedule and average annual pay of $53,600. All you need are few clients and you would be earning huge bucks.

Elementary School Teacher

Teaching is one profession that allows lot of flexibility and attractive salary to working moms. Being a mom would be an added advantage to take care of the kids. Besides, you can have summer breaks to enjoy with your family and great environment to work in.

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