Will a segregated school stunt your teen's mental growth?

As of late, single sex education has been gaining momentum in the US. It has been  discovered that males and females have different learning patterns. This,hence,  allows them to grasp more in seperate learning environments.  As a result of these findings, gender segregation in schools, is being considered by many public institutions. However, implementation of the concept has become a topic of heated debate among political and social reformists. The question is  that will such a system reap more benefits or will it have negative consequences.

Rebecca Biggler voices concern

According to a report, co-authored by Rebecca Bigler, single sex schooling is not superior to co-education. Infact, it can lead to an exaggeration in sexism and cause gender stereotyping. The author is convinced that “given the scientific research on the topic, a further investment in single-sex schools does not appear to be a wise use of public funds”. Bigler further states that “schools play a larger role in children’s lives beyond academic training—they prepare children for mixed-sex workplaces, families and citizenry. Institutionalizing gender-segregated classrooms limits children’s opportunities to interact with members of the opposite sex and to develop the skills necessary for positive and cooperative interaction.”

What does science have to say?

Neuroscientists, on the other hand, have discovered that separate learning environments won’t just remove distractions like sexual attraction but also allow teachers to design a customized method of instruction for both the sexes. Neurobehavioral scientists promote the idea of segregation in schools and are of the view that boys and girls respond differently to common classroom questions like “What’s your answer”? Due to differences in cardiovascular response systems, boys are more likely to respond to “aggressive instruction” as compared to girls who respond to a more gentle approach. Furthermore, girls are more likely to raise their hands to answer questions when they know they won’t be taunted by the males in their classroom for not answering correctly.

There are no doubts about the fact that education plays a crucial role in the mental nourishment of a child and the development of his/her personality. The right educational setting, not only, allows the child to perform to the best of his abilities but also instills, in him, self-confidence and self-respect. The absence of such an atmosphere can  slow down the learning process and stunt one's  mental growth. That is why, educators are, continuously, looking to reform the education system in the country. The objective is to equip the  adolescents with the knowledge and the ability  required,for them to meet challenges, in order to lead a prosperous life.

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