Signs you need to put your child in a public school

Education plays a crucial in a child’s mental development. The right educational environment, does not only help shape a child’s personality, but also trains him to face life’s challenges head-on. But, for a child to realize his full potential, he has to be nurtured in the right educational environment. For the longest time, a perception has existed, among the masses, that it is the private sector that provides the ideal setting for a child to learn and develop skills. According to a recently conducted survey, if given the choice, parents are more likely to send their kids to a private school as compared to sending them to a public school. A reason, frequently, mentioned is that private schools offer a very personalized classroom environment. The low student-teacher ratio helps speed up the learning process and teachers are able to spend more time on students struggling with a particular subject. However, there are certain facts that parents tend to overlook when citing the advantages of a private education. These realities can have a profound effect on the mental development of a child and can, significantly,  slow down the growth process.  


Private education system was founded, mainly, on two principles: religion and tradition. Most of these private institutions tend to favor students that come from a certain elite class. It is easier for such kids to adhere to the norms and regulations  set by the institute. It is not uncommon to see cases where all the successive generations of one family, from grandfather to grandson, attend the same school. For students, who do not belong to this class, it becomes harder to adjust in such an elite-dominated environment.

Social Status

Social status is another reason why benefits of public school education outweigh those of a private one. The majority of the children who go to a private school are paying a hefty price, from somewhere between $35,000 to $50,000, a year. Moreover, they are required to pay for boarding, books and not to mention a traditional uniform. Students who can afford all this, surely, live life in the “fast lane” and can cause inferiority complex among those who do not have an equally strong financial background. It is common, for people to develop feelings of inadequacy when they have to face a social hierarchy which encourages having fancy cars and going to foreign lands for vacations.

The above-mentioned factors can stump your child’s progress in a private school. Adaptability is essential hence only the right school setting will allow your child to work to his full potential and grow as an individual.

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