Prepare your college bound teen to live away from home

From the cradle to the day your teen leaves the house to make their future, as a parent or care-giver you have always been busy with children’s grooming that would prepare them for challenges in their lives. Similarly, preparing kids for college is one of the most important moments in a child’s life. Parents must guide their kids in selecting their college carefully, filing the application and making the final move away from home sweet home.

However, if it has suddenly dawned on you that your teens can’t even manage their money or change their bed covers, how exactly will they go about living on their own, then don't freak out. You are not alone. The first step is always the hardest one and parents are usually faced with the dilemma of keeping teebs at home for little more time or saying their final goodbyes. In any case, you would have to let them go, but before doing that go through the list to explain your kids how to prepare for college:

1.       First of all your kids need to identify the skills they will require living away from home. This is where parents have to play the most important role in teaching them the basic skills. They include basic cooking skills, using a microwave, responsible driving, paying your bills, managing money, doing laundry etc. Besides these basic skills, there must be some responsibilities specific to your child’s needs; for example, any medication.  

2.       Plan with your kids every step of the change that will come in their lives. Prepare them on how to handle their lives by involving them in the process of reviewing their individual needs and addressing them one by one.

3.        Make sure that as a parent you do not rush your teen into things. Take one activity at a time and give them time to absorb and understand the change. The purpose of teaching them is to arm them with necessary tools, so that they can live independently once they are away. The best approach to teach teens is to involve in them in different activities and show them practically. For example, taking them to the bank and explaining to them how they can go about opening an account and taking care of their money.

4.       Once you have shown your teens how to handle themselves, let them out into the world. Make sure you do not spoon feed them. They will falter and make mistakes. Just stand a foot behind them to give them support, but never do for them what they can do themselves. Your new parenting style would be to let your child make place in the world and find their niche. And help when something goes out of their hands.

Parents raise their kids with love and care, teaching them all the skills they will need when they stretch their wings and leave their parents’ house to make a life of their own. However, their responsibilities do not end there, but change to the point where they are not directly responsible for their children’s actions.

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