Harmful Effects of Drug Abuse on Teens’ Health

A lot of youngsters find drugs fascinating, mainly because they give unique pleasure and out-of-this-world feelings. What these kids don’t realize or probably do not care about is the fact that drugs are poison, eating their body exactly the way rust eats metals. Some drugs are so dangerous that they have serious health implications on the body. These effects may forever stay there even after giving up those drugs.

Parents must have a better understanding of these harmful effects so that they can convince their kids to avoid drug abuse. In an effort to create awareness regarding the health effects of drug abuse on teens, we have listed the most common health issues that may result from this dangerous habit.

Increases Risk of Heart Diseases

The majority of the drugs increases or decreases the heart rate. They are also known to cause high blood pressure and heart attack. Injected drugs are very popular among teens as they give an immediate sense of pleasure or relief, but it is not the only thing they give. Injected drugs can cause infections in blood vessels and different valves of the heart. In addition, they can collapse veins.

Causes Brain Damage

Drug abuse not only alters the brain structure, but also affects its growth. According to a study published in Clinical EEG & Neuroscience Journal, drug intake affects kids’ ability to gain and recall knowledge. Drug addiction not only decreases short term memory of the kids, but also reduces their ability to concentrate, which is yet another serious problem. Limited cognitive abilities result in poor academic performance among other things.

Gives Rise to Emotional Problems

An excessive intake of drugs for a long time also results in serious emotional and mental problems. A large number of research studies have linked drug abuse with anxiety, hallucinations, depression, mood swings paranoia, and lack of self-control. Teens with drug addiction show withdrawal from the outer world and are likely to have suicidal thoughts. They may also develop personality disorders.

Weight Loss and Insomnia

A large number of stimulants like Cocaine and Amphetamine cause sudden weight loss among young girls and boys. Club drugs such as Ecstasy, Roche and goop also alters their body’s natural ability to sleep, causing insomnia which, if prolonged, can have devastating effects on their health.

Disturbs Immune System

The chemicals present in drugs not only affect digestives system, lungs, and kidneys of kids, but also weakens their immune system, as a result of which they easily fall ill. Drug addiction increases their vulnerability to different infections, affecting the overall health and well-being of teens.

Impotency among Boys and Birth Defects among Girls

Some drugs leave a lifelong effect on the health of kids if taken in high dose. For instance, anabolic steroids are one of the major causes of impotency among boys. In the same way, girls with drug abuse face a huge range of problems during pregnancy and at the time of delivery. Drugs also affect the physical and mental health of infants. Sexually transmitted diseases are also common among drug addicts as teens rarely think about their safety while having sex when they are high.

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