Gay and bisexual teens more likely to fall prey to anabolic steroids

Gay and bisexual teens in America use steroids to build muscle mass, reveals a survey. Gay and bisexuals are more likely to have used muscle-building steroids heavily as compared to their heterosexual counterparts. Researchers are still trying to find out whether or not these muscle-building steroids have an effect on their health and why gay and bisexual teens use them. Whatever the reason may be, steroid use is very dangerous. It's speculated by some researchers that perhaps, its the societal pressure that pushes gay and bisexual teens to use muscle-building steroids. 

Researchers are still not clear on why gay and bisexual teens are more likely to use anabolic steroids. They might be using these steroids to look more attractive or look stronger if they are physically intimidated. Athletes and body builders also use anabolic steroids to achieve a muscular physique and to increase their stamina. However, the intake of these steroids is illegal without a prescription.

The study

Researchers took a sample of 17,000 boys from different cities of the country. Out of the population, around 4% admitted that they were gay or bisexual. Out of those teens who said they were gay, 4% said they had used anabolic steroids. Just 1% said that they had used steroids heavily.

And the reason?

The reason why gay and bisexual teen boys are more likely to use steroids is unclear. Experts don’t classify anabolic steroids as killer drugs. Though they have a mild effect on body as compared to amphetamines or heroin - its overdose and continuous use may be harmful for health. However, steroids can lead to a variety of health problems, including breast growth in men and shrinking of testicles, cardiovascular problems, liver disease and aggression, the experts note.

Adolescents might be trying to boost their muscles to protect themselves. The findings suggest that steroid use among gay and bisexual adolescents could be higher because they're more likely to be bullied or to feel unsafe.

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