5 Reasons Teens Get into Drugs and Alcohol

We see a lot of teenagers in the modern day getting involved in crimes, doing drugs, and drinking alcohol. Normally, the society is blamed for this. However, the parents of kids involved in such activities are worried about them and want to know about the reasons behind this deviant behavior. There are a number of reasons for teens to get involved in alcohol and drugs. Let’s take a look at some of them right now.

Escaping the Madness at Home

Many of the kids that get addicted to drugs and alcohol are simply searching for a way to escape the nightmarish domestic atmosphere characterized by constant bickering and screaming among parents. Teenagers of course aren’t mentally strong enough to endure this kind of tension at home, and to escape this difficult reality, they start to drink alcohol or do drugs. Before they know it, they become addicted to them. When the addiction gets stronger, they commit crimes in order to gather money for their drugs. Getting caught in the process gives them a criminal record, complicating things even further for them. To prevent this, parents should make it a point to never argue to fight in front of their teens as it can have far reaching implications.

Bad Company

As a parent, you can never know who your kids might end up with at school. They might get involved with some kids that are into drugs and alcohol, and just to stay in that group, your kids will also start doing them. Due to this reason, parents should always keep tabs on their children, especially their digital gadgets. This is where you will find their friends and be able to know if your kids are keeping a good company or not.

Lack of Confidence

A large number of shy teenagers are unable to communicate with random people and struggle to make friends due to their shyness. However, under the influence of alcohol, these teens become confident and are able to do overcome their reluctance. They start to drink on regular basis just to boost their confidence. This also helps them earn a place for themselves in the so-called popular groups who do drugs and drink alcohol themselves. Even the people around these shy people make fun of them when they’re not under the effect of alcohol and therefore short on confidence.

Popular Media

Almost all the movies show drugs as a thing that only cool people would do. This influences teenagers to get into different types of drugs. They try out a bunch of stuff only to look and sound cool amongst their friends. The worst part is that this has started to become a trend all over the world as drugs and drinks have become even more accessible than before. For the right amount of money, teenagers can get their hands on all sorts of illegal stuff rather easily. Parents shouldn’t solely rely on the laws as sooner or later, kids find a way around them.

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