Teen Dating Violence: Is Your Teenage Daughter at Risk?

Due to an increase in dating violence in the past couple of years, you need to be a bit careful about the person who your teenage daughter might be getting romantically involved with. She might have landed herself in an abusive relationship and suffering from dating violence right under your nose without you having the slightest bit of idea. Asking her directly if her boyfriend is abusing her might not yield the truth. To know whether your daughter is suffering from or is at risk of teen dating violence, you need to keep your eyes peeled for the following signs.

Her Boyfriend Overreacts to Everything

If your daughter is always worried how her boyfriend will react about anything she says or does, then it’s a pretty clear sign that she’s involved with a violent person. Another similar sign is when your daughter’s partner tells her not to hang out with her male friends at all. This shows that the person is insecure and will do anything to assert themselves on others. Both of these are red flags for potential abusive relationship which you should look to bring to an end right away, after explaining everything to your daughter and seeking her consent of course.

Her Boyfriend Keeps Checking On Her

If you notice that your daughter’s boyfriend keeps calling her frequently, asking her where she is and with whom, then it’s a pretty clear sign that the person she’s involved with has a tendency to turn abusive. Be sure to bring it up with your daughter and ask her if she’s comfortable with this. Explain to her why you are concerned.

Frequent Fights Between Her and Her Boyfriend

Your daughter should be happy about being in a relationship. However, if that’s not the case, then she must be getting in regular fights with her partner. Ask her if her boyfriend has ever hit her, shook her, or even grabbed her violently. If he has done any of the things, ask your daughter to consider leaving such a person, or at least take more caution while around him. You also need to start vigilant.

Asking the Right Questions Can Help

If you haven’t noticed any of the aforementioned signs, but you simply can’t shake off the feeling that something isn’t right, you should listen to your gut feeling and keep digging. One of the best ways to learn the truth is by getting your daughter to spill the beans on the true nature of her relationship with her boyfriend. Perhaps asking the following questions might help:

  • Does your boyfriend act jealous?
  • Has he ever threatened to hurt himself if you leave him?
  • Does he break stuff when angry?
  • How bad is his anger, and does he get angry often?
  • Does he smoke, drink, or does drugs?
  • Is he self-centered?
  • Has he ever abused you?
  • Has he ever hurt someone?

Your daughter might not answer all these questions honestly, but hopefully she’ll let something slip at least. Maybe that would be all that you require to confirm your suspicion and act for the sake of your daughter’s safety. 

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