How Mothers Can Keep their Kids Safe from Abusive Fathers

It is not easy being in an abusive relationship or living with an abusive partner. Staying in an abusive relationship can leave severe repercussions on one’s physical and mental wellbeing. This is especially true for mothers who have to constantly keep their children safe from the torture of their abusive fathers.

Among the other major responsibilities, mothers have an added responsibility of taking care of their children from daily clashes and confrontations with their husbands which may escalate and take an ugly turn. Constant exposure to such heated arguments and confrontations can have shocking effects on a child’s mental and physical health.

When children are exposed to heated encounters taking place between their parents at home, their behavioral pattern can completely alter and make them short-tempered and lose confidence in themselves. This leads to them being deprived of self-confidence and focus.

According to recent research, it has been seen that children who are consistently exposed to abuse at home are less likely to perform better in class and as a result, they face problems while applying for higher education once they are done graduating

In most cases, mothers have to protect their children from fathers when they get drunk and start hurling abuses at them. Mothers have to take drastic safety measures to ensure their children stay safe from their abusive fathers. This can include protecting children from physical abuse by taking serious actions such as calling 911 or social services or using pepper sprays.

Let us understand how mothers can keep their children safe from abusive fathers and prevent them from harmful confrontations at home.

Call Child Protection Services

The first thing mothers can do to protect their children when they are about to experience abuse at home is to call Child Protection Services or CPS. Calling them can be a positive step for mothers who want to make sure their children stay safe.

Depending on your state of origin, the agency can exist with a different name. however, the main aim of this agency is to provide protection to children who are victims of abuse or neglect.

Get Help from Neighbors, Friends, and Relatives

There may be cases when a father gets drunk and starts abusive his wife and children. In such situations, if a mother feels things are escalating and turning worse and may end up in father physically assaulting her and children, she can immediately look for help from neighbors, relatives or friends.

When a heated argument takes place and father’s rage goes beyond control, the mother can relocate to a neighbor, friend or relative’s place immediately. Neighbors can offer shelter to her and kids until proper help arrives at the scene.

National Domestic Violence Helpline

Mothers also have the option of calling the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0802 2000 247 when it comes to keeping their children safe from domestic violence. National Domestic Violence Helpline is jointly managed by the Women’s Aid and it offers shelter and advice to mothers so they can take the best possible decision to ensure their child’s physiological and psychological health.

On the other hand, mothers can also seek help at a Refuge to reduce interaction with their violent husbands. If mothers take necessary steps at the right time, they can help their children have a bright and safe future that they can look forward to.


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