Top 5 Teen Crimes That Are On the Rise

Every three out of 5 teens are involved in crimes. Youth crime cases are increasing day by day, despite making laws like teen curfew. This is something we as parents and as a society need to worry about, as this is not a normal or healthy behavior. It is our responsibility to keep them from losing way, but to do that, it’s important to be clear about the threat. We’ve listed five of the common teen crimes in current times.

1. Theft

Teens are frequently seen shoplifting and stealing. Most of them get caught due to the excessive use of cameras on departmental stores and other places. They are mostly caught taking alcohol from stores or stealing stuff from lockers and backpacks. These crimes are normally committed in form of groups instead of going solo. Some of them do this out of fun, while others do this for monetary gains.

2. Assault

Assault is also very common among teens, as they usually fail to control their emotions and end up in physical abuse. Bullying, if it involves physical harassment, also comes in assault, and it is very common in schools. School is not the only place where teens fight or physically abuse others. This also happens after school in playgrounds, and even at public places. Parents should stop teens if they observe them fighting with their siblings, as this behavior, if not stopped, can become a habit.

3. Drug/Alcohol Offense

Teen’s parties are often incomplete without drugs and alcohol. They cannot get drugs and alcohol directly from shop or from their parents as possessing drugs or alcohol by a minor is considered a crime, so they either steal it or buy it from store using fake identity cards. Underage purchase and consumption of alcohol is among the leading youth crimes. Some teens go even further by giving alcohol to other underage people, provoking innocent kids to try it and drinking it at public place or in a car, all of which comes under youth crime. Parents must keep a close eye on kids and their friends to keep them safe from this crime.

4. Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct is yet another common juvenile delinquency. There are a lot of things that comes under this crime like fighting at a public place, calling others offensive names, disrespecting teachers and elders, etc.

5. Curfew Violations

Most of the states follow teen curfew during certain hours of the day, most often at night. Kids are not supposed to leave home during these timings. Most of them fail to obey this law without understanding that it is for their own benefit. The purpose of teen curfew is to avoid youth crimes, and also to keep teens safe at night time.

Parents are accountable for the crimes committed by their youngsters in one way or the other. It is their duty to keep them safe and to make sure they are not putting their own or someone’s life and reputation in danger. Stop staying late at office or doing overtime just for earning extra money. Give your time to teens as it is the most crucial time of their life. Do not let bad company, depression or anything else ruin their lives.

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