Understanding Why Teens are Attracted to Guns

Gun violence has grown significantly in the past few years and the major reason behind it is teenagers’ unusual interest in guns. This excessive interest has led to multiple school shootings, which has affected lives of so many children and parents.

A lot of studies have been conducted to see what’s causing teenagers to get influenced by guns and they have all come up with a different conclusion. Therefore, it won’t be fair to pinpoint only one reason behind all of this influence. There are multiple factors that go into influencing kids, and we have outlined most of them below.

With this explanation, we are hoping that people would understand why children are suddenly getting so interested in weapons and will be able to tackle the issue before things really get out of hand.

Video Games

Although gamers don’t like it when a study suggests that a video game was responsible for a mass shooting, but there is some truth to it.

For an adult, it is pretty easy to understand the different between a video game and real life, but kids aren’t the same way. Underage kids play shooters where they are given liberty to shoot each and everything in sight. This intrigues them and they want to try it out in real life.

They, of course, need a gun for that, and that’s mostly present in their own home. If there isn’t one present at home, they get it from someone at school or a neighborhood where getting a firearm isn’t much of a problem.

Video games started the influence and when they knew that they can get their hands on a weapon easily, their interest rate increased, which then lead to a mass school shooting.

Sense of Vulnerability

Some teenagers feel vulnerable due to excessive bullying. To overcome this sense of vulnerability, they get their hands on a firearm. They have been watching movies and TV shows where firearm serves as a solid defense, which is why they seem to have developed the idea that the only thing that can keep them safe is a gun.

They keep it in their bag when they leave for school and if they are pushed to their limit, they do not hesitate to take it out. Vulnerable adults are capable of doing some really nasty things so you can well imagine what a kid would do if put in the same situation. A couple of school shootings were done by kids who were bullied almost all the time and killing students was their way of retaliation.


A lot of teens crave power and some of them think that the only way to achieve it is through guns. That’s the reason they want a firearm.

These youngsters believe that it makes them superior to everyone around them and gives them control of every situation. They are not afraid to wave their gun around because they are proud of it. They don’t think of it as dangerous. Instead, they think of it is their toy that helps them stay on top of the food chain.

Power hungry teenagers have been responsible for multiple shootings, not only in schools but in neighborhoods as well. They don’t care who they are shooting at, they just want to take their gun out and shoot anything or anyone that they perceive as a potential threat.

The trend of gun violence is rising at an alarming rate, which is why parents and concerned authorities really need to address the situation with the seriousness it requires and take concrete measures to mitigate the risk.

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