Share These Tips with Your Teen to Keep Them Safe in the Outside World

Most of the crimes these days are committed against teenagers and the main reason behind it is that they don’t normally resist. Even when they do resist, they still can’t do anything alone. You as a parent certainly don’t want any of this to happen to your child, but to avoid it is nearly impossible. This is why you should prepare your teens for the outside world and the dangers that lie there. Now we don’t mean that you give them boxing or karate lessons (which wouldn’t exactly be a bad idea). Even sharing the safety tips that we’ve mentioned below would certainly help them avoid or escape trouble.

Stay Aware of the Surroundings

Teens these days are pretty distracted. They have a lot going on in their mind and to make things worse, they often have music playing in their ears or their eyes glued to the screen of their smartphones. Any criminal can simply walk up to them and they wouldn’t even notice. By the time they realize that something is about to go wrong, it is too late. So your first safety advice to your teens should be “stay alert”. Tell them that they need to be aware of what’s happening around them in order to be safe. If they remain distracted on their mobile phone or have headphones on, then they are likely to become an easy target.  However, if they stay alert and keep an eye and ear on what’s going on around them, then they can sense danger early and evade it. Criminals are cowardly individuals who don’t want to confront anyone. So if teens stay aware of their surroundings, they can save themselves from a whole lot of trouble.

Stick to Crowded Pathways

Walking long distances can be quite a hassle, which is why kids may go for shortcuts. There’s nothing wrong with that, but these shortcuts are sometimes deserted alleyways. They are the best places for criminals to camp and jump on unsuspecting victims. Knowing that, you should advise your kids to stick to crowded paths, well-lit roads, or be with someone at all times. Although alleyways make the trip a bit shorter, the dangers that lie there are just not worth it. Make your kids realize the problems of taking shortcuts through alleys. They will surely understand the risks and will most likely avoid such pathways in the future.

Don’t Take on a Mugger

When teens find themselves in a mugging situation, they experience a sudden rush of adrenaline. In this state, their better judgment may be clouded by a false sense of strength and strong urge for heroics.  This may cause them to try taking down the mugger themselves, but in doing so, they might invite even bigger risk to their safety. Having watched such stuff in films and on TV shows, teens think they have learned everything about guns and combat, and may even try to take on armed individuals on their own. Things can take a turn for the worst in these scenarios, which is why you have to explain to your children that no matter what happens, don’t argue or resist when being mugged. Stolen things can be bought once again, but a life lost once remains lost forever.

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