How to Protect Your Teen from Sexual Harassment

Incidents of sexual harassment have shown an alarming increase in the last couple of years, with kids in their teens years being the most common victims. Predators target them because they are a relatively easy prey. They still haven’t figured out a lot of things in life, which allows predators to fool them rather easily. They use verbal and physical advances and teenagers obviously feel uncomfortable, but they don’t say anything because they don’t know what’s going on.

This is where you as a parent are at fault. To protect teens from sexual harassment, you need to educate them on the threat, covering everything from:

  • what it is
  • how to recognize it
  • how to best deal with it

Let’s go through each of the aforementioned points in detail.

Explain Sexual Harassment

Most parents are scared to talk about sexual harassment with their kids. They think it’s not the right thing to do, but they are wrong. If you are of the same school of thought, then we urge you to change your mindset because such incidents can have a long-lasting impact on your teen’s future. You have to tell them what sexual harassment exactly is so that they can know when they are being targeted.

Common Ways of Sexual Harassment

Predators have found multiple ways to harass teens. Some of the most common techniques that they use have been outlined below.

  • Bumping into teens and then following them
  • Brushing up against them in public places
  • Sexual noises, comments, and whistles
  • Excessive talk about sex
  • Drawing sexual images
  • Hugging people in a sexual way even when they don’t want it

Most teens become so scared after facing one of the aforementioned scenarios that they just give in. This happens to youngsters that don’t have enough confidence to tell the perpetrator to back off. However, if they know that you will be there to help them, then they won’t feel so helpless anymore. This is why you need to assure them that you will always be there to support them no matter the circumstances.

Become a Reliable Support

Tell your teens that if someone tries to harass them physically or verbally, they should call you immediately. Assure them that you will be there whenever they need you. This will surely boost their confidence, allowing them to face the predators with greater confidence. If they are in situation where they just can’t fend off the predator, they will would surely call you for help. Keep their confidence in your support alive by putting everything else on hold and making sure that you get to them as quickly as possible. You have to be their right hand. Knowing that their parents will always be there to help them serves as a huge confidence booster. Don’t disappoint them.

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