Warning Signs of Child Abuse You Should be Aware of

Child abuse is something most of the parents hesitate to talk about openly despite the fact that it is very common. Talking about abuse is also difficult for kids, especially if they are experiencing it for themselves. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to watch for the warning signs to help your kid if he faces abuse. Here are some of the most common symptoms of child abuse that would help you identify the victims and provide them with immediate help.

Suspicious Injuries

If your kid is injured and he fails to give you a satisfactory answer when you ask about it, then chances are he is facing physical abuse at home, in school or any other place. If you have seen bruises and welts or different types of burns caused due to cigarettes or any other thing, then you must investigate the issue. Unfortunately, physical injuries are easy to hide, especially if they are present on less visible parts of the body.

Anxiety and Depression

Victims of any kind of abuse often exhibit anxiety and depression. If your kid frequently remains sad, prefers staying alone in his room, has lost interest in social gatherings, feels tired all the time, has sleeping disorders, has shortness of breath, experience heart palpitations, or has a dry mouth, then he may be suffering from anxiety or depression. To get more clues on how he is feeling and why, you can use a parental control app with monitoring capabilities.

Rejection to Physical Contact

Victims of sexual abuse find it very difficult to maintain a physical contact with others, even their siblings and parents. So if your kid shows a strong reaction when you try to hug him, kiss him, or even touch his hands, then you must probe further. Know that something isn’t right and that your kid may be suffering some kind of abuse.

Poor Performance at School

Abused kids find it difficult to focus on the studies, and this usually results in their grades dropping all of a sudden. If your kid used to be an above-average student and has started getting poor grades lately, then you must talk to him alone. It may be nothing, but still you have to make sure he is not being abused.

Sudden Loss or Gain of Weight

Our body weight has a lot to do with our mental and emotional health, which is why some people tend to gain weight in difficult times while others lose it. If your kid has experienced a sudden change in weight without changing his eating habits, then it shows that he is mentally disturbed. Investigating the mysterious loss or gain of weight might reveal some alarming but important facts, giving you an opportunity to extend help to your child.

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