Physical Child Abuse: Worse Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Parents who physically abuse their children have absolutely no idea about the amount of damage they’re doing to their kids. Their unthoughtful aggression can ruin the latter for life by negatively impacting their behavior, mindset, and confidence. This can prevent them from succeeding in life, which means that parents are literally killing their children’s future by physically abusing them.

Physical abuse to some extent is allowed in some cultures, but even there if physical abuse is carried out excessively or severely, it can be traumatic for children. Let’s take a look at the effects and magnitude of damage that physical abuse can cause to youngsters.

Primary Effects of Physical Abuse

Primary effects take place right after physical abuse. Kids are of course suffering from pain, and if injuries are bad, then they may have a couple of broken bones or ribs. Some parents slap, some punch, some kick, some strangle, and some whip. They are not looking where they are hitting because they are angry and just want to let out their anger. They can accidently hit their children at a place where it can cause some physical injury.

In some cases, the damage doesn’t just cause pain; it leads to far more severe consequences, including seizure, paralysis, development delays, constant jittering, and more. The worst part is that it’s just a start as things can go from bad to worse from here on out.

Emotional Effects of Physical Abuse

Physically, children do get hurt and in some cases, very severely. However, these are just the primary effects. After they start to re-gather their thoughts, they feel scared. They feel terrified of their own parents. They are afraid to talk to other people and they are especially petrified of being touched by people. Even if someone forces themselves on these children, they don’t resist because they are just too scared from the regular beatings they took. Emotionally, they just can’t cope with it.

Even when they try to be a better person, they can’t because of these regular beatings. Consequently, they completely go off the hook. They either start a life of crime or get themselves involved in drugs.

Social Effects of Physical Abuse

After suffering from severe emotional and physical pain, children have a huge tendency to become completely useless in social environments. Their confidence plummets to an all-time low and hence they can’t talk to anyone. They even struggle to defend themselves and agree to do whatever the other person wants them to. Their social life is pretty much a disaster. Parents only themselves to blame for it since it all starts with the physical abuse inflicted by them.

Scolding children when they do something wrong is fine, and even smacking kids lightly is generally accepted as a disciplinary measure in some cultures. However, in no circumstance is a parent allowed to subject their children to a severe beating.

If parents really want their children to grow and prosper, then physical abuse needs to stop right now.

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