How to Identify the Telltale Signs of Child Abuse

Child abuse/neglect is causing a severe social problem in the United States by producing a physically and mentally damaged generation. The effects of child abuse on the overall health of the society can take very disruptive forms which can easily displace the foundation stone of any society. Parents are advised not to overlook the effects of child abuse among their offspring and act quickly to rehabilitate them if they smell something fishy.

The Thing Called Trust

Parents should observe their children to notice any physical symptoms or behavioral changes usually associated with abuse in order try to figure out what needs to be done about the situation at hand. One should also keep in mind that looking for signs and patterns is an unpredictable practice. “You’re always playing a guessing game,” says Kathy Baxter, director of the San Francisco Child Abuse Council. “When it comes to abuse and neglect, most kids tell the truth,” Baxter said, while adding, “But in most cases, they are reluctant. They don’t want to get the person in trouble. They feel guilty. They may feel it happened because they were bad.”

Signs of Abuse

The different signs of child abuse are discussed as follows:

Physically Abused: Children who experience physical abuse tend to cry often and put up a strong fight when they have to go to the daycare or school. These children also show considerable fear around a caregiver or adult. Moreover, these kids usually bear unexplained bruises, abrasions, burns, black eyes, cuts, and bite marks on their bodies that act as a strong warning to parents about something not being right.

Emotionally Abused: Such kids would display clear signs of behavioral changes as they would become withdrawn and start acting angry or gloomy. Displaying extreme behavioral patterns is also a sure sign of an abused kid. In addition, such children would also act more fearful, but at the same time gradually adopt adult behavior.

Without the Slightest Shred of Doubt

In case any of the above methods generate doubt in your minds, following is a list of signs that clearly point towards abuse of some sorts happening to children:

  • Bruises, bleeding and itching in and around the genital area.
  • Getting infected with urinary tract infection.
  • Finding it hard to walk or sit properly while experiencing genital or anal pain.
  • Know more about sexual matters for a kid his/her age and not acting their age.
  • Lack of interest in previously enjoyable activities.
  • Showing up early or late at school and leaving in the same fashion.

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