Teaching your Boy to be a Gentleman

Children are like sponges, they absorb everything that goes on around them. As a parent everything you say and do will be taken on by your children as the norm, which is why it is important to be careful with how you behave around your children. Sociologists around the world believe that even though manners are unenforceable, if a certain type of behavior is carried on long enough it can become a norm to a child. Remember that good manners for boys, teaching them proper etiquette, morality and politeness will go a long way in ensuring social and professional success in his future, since manners are not just about respecting others but honoring oneself as well.

So here are a few important tips on how to teach your boys the social graces of the world:

  • Just like charity begins at home so do manners. Practice good manners yourself around the house and soon enough your boys will follow suit.
  • Good manners begin with five basic phrases: "Thank you," "Please?" "May I …" "Excuse me," and "No, thank you," use these as much as possible in your daily interactions, especially with your kids. Remember to teach by example and not by dictation, so practice please and thank you manners yourself first.
  • When teaching children good manners positive reinforcement works like magic. So whenever your boy displays good manners at home or in public, be sure to appreciate them for the effort. If you only tend to notice and respond to his undesirable behavior, while his accomplishments, he will eventually learn to get your attention only by being naughty.
  • When being taught something, boys tend to be stubborn. So stay focused and patient, teaching children anything that will serve them for the rest of their lives takes time and effort.  By example, teach them the importance of respecting peoples feelings and their needs and rights.
  • Another very important aspect of teaching your son good manners is to start with table manners. Teach him minute details like which fork to use and where and how to place his napkin. If you are not sure about these things, then research online or read books before you begin with your son. Once you are clear about the concepts, teaching them to others will be easy.
  • At times your kids will test your patience by doing things which you have taught them all wrong and that too in public. Interrupting you or someone else while you are talking to someone is one such thing. On such occasions pinpoint your kids behavior to them on the spot. If you are worried about hurting the child’s feelings take them aside and correct them, but do it as it happens.
  • Often parents tend to forget that speaking properly is also part of good manners. So avoid using slang and other bad language in front of your teenage boys.

These were just a few of the basics which experts believe set the tone for good manners in boys for life. So make the effort and ensure that your son’s good manners don’t just serve towards making his life a success story, but prove to be a reflection of your great parenting skills as well.

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