Lighter Side of Parenting: Encourage Positive Humor in your Teens

As they say, laughter is the best medicine, for mental health of a person. In positive psychology, humor is regarded as strength in a person’s personality. A teenager with a healthy sense of humor is popular and well liked by almost everyone. Cracking funny teenage jokes and making people laugh is quite an admirable gesture. However, making mean jokes can leave a bitter taste for other people and instantly create a negative image of the teen. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to teach their kids the difference between being humorous and nasty. Through positive parenting skills, as mentioned in the following guidelines, parents can teach their kids manners of healthy humor.

  • Humor should not hurt anyone, rather it should be enjoyable both for the teen and his/her audience.
  • Do not crack jokes about anyone’s misery. Jokes about someone’s disability may make few people laugh momentarily, but that will label the teen as an insensitive person forever.
  • Teach your teens that their humor should not belittle any person. Making fun of a classmate’s short height will only last till the high school days.
  • A secure person will never shy away from making light remarks or jokes out of the mistakes he/she has made in the past. Teach this to your teen. Moreover, this is healthy for your teen to take life’s harsh circumstances lightly.
  • Crack jokes about crazy antics of your pet. This is something that most people can relate to and find humorous.
  • Never joke about physical or psychological attributes of other teens. Every teen is over conscious about their appearance and cracking jokes about them will create body image issues for them.
  • Absurdity is part and parcel of teenage years. Therefore, if your teen cracks some silly jokes to lighten up the environment, it’s perfectly fine. Parents may find it absurd, but other teens will definitely get it.
  • Sometimes it’s the simple things and events in life that can create a light moment. For example, early morning, with eyes half closed your teen stumbles over the sleeping pet and falls down.
  • Cracking jokes in a super charged and tense situation is not a very good idea. The humor in these situations can work as fuel on fire.
  • Last but not the least; parents need to watch their sense of humor, as kids will take notes from your behavior at home and in public.

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