Fun Ways to Teach Etiquettes to Your Teens

Your teens will eventually become a core part of the society. Before that happens, it’s important that they learn the proper etiquettes to make a positive impressive on those around them. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done as they sometimes act too stubborn and aren’t willing to learn. They feel that all this talk of etiquettes is a waste of time. They would rather be doing something they consider fun than spend their time on learning table manners, politeness, courtesy, and other such things. This is why you have to change your technique here and play by your kids’ rules. You have to make the learning process entertaining. The good news is there are several ways in which you can do that. We’ve shared a few of them to help you out.

Role Play

Role playing is one of the best ways to teach etiquettes to your children as it allows you to come up with different scenarios. You can create a situation and ask your children to act in accordance. You can set up first meetings and ask your child to introduce themselves or teach them how to talk to elders and younger kids, react when they receive gifts, be polite in difficult situations, and so on. If they make a mistake, just correct it and move on. Just like that, you can explore multiple scenarios and teach a lot of new stuff to your kids. This way, they won’t get bored and most importantly, they will learn something new without feeling like they’re attending a class. However, don’t force anything on them. If they are not comfortable in a certain scenario, then try another scenario. If you see them losing interest or getting tired, take a break and resume the teaching session later.

Dinner Party

Organize a dinner party at your house and have your kids serve as hosts alongside you. This will allow you to teach them how table etiquettes work, which is something not a lot of people are aware of these days. You can tell them how to set up the table, where the silverware goes, how and when each dish is served, etc. These things may not seem like a big deal at the moment, but you as parent know how important table manners are and how they can make or break an impression.

Telephone Manners

Since the arrival of smartphones, kids have become quite casual. It’s not that there’s anything immensely wrong with it, but proper etiquettes should be taught. You either call someone or you receive calls and teaching how to act properly in both scenarios is really important. Fortunately, teaching proper telephone etiquettes isn’t as tricky as teaching other etiquettes. Whenever your teen receives a phone call, first thing they should start off with the greetings and then ask for the caller’s name. If they are calling someone, then they should start off by saying hello and then identifying themselves. Teach them not to speak too loudly on the phone and refrain from bad language. The call should be ended with a polite goodbye.

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