Etiquettes school: the key to a teen's social success

Etiquette schools can pump some grace into your teen and make them shine as an individual. The social skills that are necessary for teens to suceed can be put on the tips of their fingers if they're allowed to get proper training. Manners aren't as simple as teaching your teen to wash their hands after lunch or not burping at the table. Etiquette classes for kids can prove to be really important. 



Turning Cinderella into a Princess - The Etiquette School Way 

  • Poise and grace is something teens are in great need of. The all new awareness of their body makes them awkward and shy and classes in poise can help them deal with this issue. Teens learn how to walk with grace, which in the long run adds to their confidence.
  • Such classes work towards improving the communication skills of teens and help them comfortably deal with meeting new people, giving job interviews and even public speaking. From introducing themselves, having a confident hand shake to making and maintaining eye contact; all these things are necessary for good communication skills. With the passage of time new attributes have been added to etiquette classes and now teens also get to learn cell phones etiquettes,  proper way of conducting yourself online (netiquettes) and so on.
  • At etiquette schools teens also get to learn about empathy and how it is necessary to put other people’s needs ahead of your own. Boys get to learn magical words like “Ladies First!”. Such classes also teach youngsters the how to be a better team member and friend
  • Teenagers learn how to look their best through manners and etiquette classes as they learn the appropriate clothing to wear to different events. Instructors review the elements of design and fashion so teens can mix their clothing to assemble different wardrobes using colors and patterns that match. Girls learn how to carry purses properly and learn basic makeup, skin care, hand care and hair styling techniques. Teen boys, on the other hand, learn how to tie ties and look formal without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Students are also taught proper table manners and how to handle a classic five-course dinner. How to conduct a successful party, host a dinner, make people feel at home, table setting, use of various utensil, plate, bowl and glass are also part of the course.

What's on the etiquette menu

Different school for etiquette offer different kinds of coaching classes. Some are specifically for business needs, while others prepare students for a highly evolved and successful social life, such as personal grooming, personal style enhancement, sitting and walking properly, and maintaining a graceful posture.

There are also classes for those who are looking for ease and comfort in public speaking and communication in general. So, evaluate and see where your teenager is lacking and then make a decision about which school to send them to. Check out the websites of various etiquette schools and go through the details of various classes. Also make sure that the location of the school is accessible, and the price range affordable. Best option would be to get admission in an online etiquette school so that the teenagers can take classes in their own time and space.

And in the end a word of caution: whichever etiquette school you choose to get admission in, make sure that it is properly accredited. Snoop around and talk to ex-students for a feed back on the school of your choice. Remember that this is an important decision and needs to be made carefully since the positive self-image developed  through etiquette schools go a long way in achieving success in life.

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