Essential Etiquettes and Manners You Must Teach Your Teenage Daughter

No one is born with good etiquettes. Everyone must be taught to behave in a polite and decent manner. Of course, no one is better to do this job of teaching etiquettes than parents. You know the circles your children are going to be in so you need to teach them the mannerism, lest they attract negative attention to themselves. While young boys find it relatively easier to overcome a negative reputation, girls have a much harder time doing that and hence their confidence remains shattered for a much longer time. Knowing that, it is advised that you teach the following etiquettes to your daughter, especially if she is in her teens.

Respect Everyone

Your daughter will usually act and say things that she hears at home. You are a role model for her so be careful about what you say and do when she is around. If you are racist at home, then she will be racist outside. This will stop her from befriending any person outside of her own race as she will develop the hatred for anyone who is different, just the way you would have set an example for her. All this hate would be just because of you and it could potentially ruin daughter’s mindset. Even if you hold prejudice against a race or some people, you should not talk about it in front of your daughter. Teach her to respect everyone irrespective of their age, gender, religion, race, or sexual orientation. Let her figure out on her own which people are worth talking to. You are supposed to be her guide and protector, but if you teach her the wrong things, then she is bound to run into a lot of problems through the course of her life. So the first and foremost thing that you have to teach your daughter is to respect each and every individual.

The Magic Words

Once your daughter respects everyone, she will treat everyone well and will be treated well in return. However, that is just the beginning. You now need to teach her the magic words such as “Sorry”, “Please”, “Hello”, “Thank You”, and “Excuse Me”. You have to teach her these words as they can be helpful in a lot of situations. If she receives a gift from someone, then they expect to hear thanks in return. Your daughter should not disappoint them in this regard. If she bumps into someone or someone bumps into her, then she should say “Excuse Me” or “Sorry” before moving on. When she meets someone, she should greet them pleasantly, e.g. “Hello”, and end the conversation with a polite “Nice to Meet You”.

How to Walk and Talk in Public Places

At home, let your daughter do as she pleases, provided she doesn’t land herself in any trouble or misbehaves. However, when she is out in public, then she needs to carry herself nicely. Dragging her feet neither looks nice nor is it appreciated by anyone. An active walking style should be encouraged. This way she will look good while strolling and will also stay healthy. Furthermore, talking too loudly in public places is also frowned upon, so make sure your daughter doesn’t do that unless she’s hanging out at a place where other people won’t be getting disturbed by it. Laughing hysterically at every single joke also seems odds and attracts unnecessary attention, so she might want to avoid that as well, though there is no need to suppress her laughter if she does find something really funny and feels like laughing out loudly.

It is your responsibility as a parent to make your daughter stands out in a crowd for the right reasons, and teaching her the right etiquettes certainly helps in that regard.

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