3 Most Important Etiquettes You Must Teach Your Teenage Boys

The behavior of boys matters a lot, especially when they are in their teens. If their etiquettes are good, then they will make a good impression on those around them. However, if the lack courtesy, good manners, and civic sense, then people will try to avoid them and even raise a finger at your parenting. You would certainly want your boys to stand out in a good way and make you proud. For that, you will need to teach them these essential teen etiquettes.


The first and arguably the most important etiquette that you need to teach your young boys is courtesy. If someone bumps into them, they should say “I am sorry” or “Please excuse me” instead of getting angry or shoot daggers at them. Furthermore, you should teach them how to greet people and talk to them in a nice way. This is very important because a lot of young kids are not great at making a positive first impression. On the contrary, they hide their shyness behind a veil of rudeness and arrogance. However, if you teach them to just say “Hello” or “Nice to Meet You” when they meet someone, then that would certainly help. Finally, you should tell your kids to always say “Thank You” in response to a favor or good deed.

Civic Sense

Throwing away trash on the streets or roads is downright inappropriate. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to do that when they think no one’s looking. You just have to make sure that your teenage boys aren’t one of those people. You need to teach them the importance of keeping the environment clean and get them to develop a habit of throwing away their trash in dustbins only. You can take a step further and introduce your boys to recycling. Realizing how their trash can benefit people around the globe will certainly motivate them to throw away their trash in recycling bins.


When playing sports, boys sometimes just lose it, especially when they’re losing. They start cursing loudly, badmouthing the opponents, or picking fights to vent their frustration. That kind of behavior certainly has no place in any kind of sports and is likely to get them punished by the coach or school management. You have to help your teenager understand that winning and losing is merely a part of a game, and while losing can be quite frustrating, one should simply take it as a motivation to train harder and get better to emerge victorious the next time around. Teach them to remain calm and stay control of their emotions instead of letting the latter control them.

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