Best Apps for Parents to Monitor Social Media of Teens

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A technology-based culture has a lot of perks and it is benefitting everyone. In this advancement of technology, it is noticed that kids are more prone to the digital world than people of any other age now. They are more connected and thus more indulged in this culture where everything is technology-based. They tend to explore more and know more about these things. But, with the excitement comes certain risks. Children enjoying their digital lives are at equal risk of facing other dangers that come with it.

Though the advancements in technology are meant to be effective and beneficial for everyone, only when it is used wisely. Kids don’t know how to correctly use the internet. They are new and impulsive, and that’s why they are in danger. Parents have all the rights to be worried about their kids being trapped in the world of digital media. Especially social media has taken over most of their lives and it is causing the parents to worry. However, there are plenty of apps for parents to monitor social media for their kids, they just have to take the right step.

Should Parents Monitor Their Kids?

This is the question that keeps the parents from making any decision. They don’t know if it is right to monitor their kids or if it would drive them away. For this, every parent must know the teens and social media statistics to have an idea where the trend is going and if they need protection. They must know that even though they think their kid is safe and healthy, there were other parents too who thought the same but in the end, it came out all wrong.

Here are some of the reasons to monitor your kid’s social media:

· Social Media Depression

At first, they are too much excited about the use of social media, but you will notice a change in their moods and habits as they continue using it. They will feel more alone and depressed day by day thinking about how luxurious and healthy others’ lives are. They start comparing themselves with the other and thus fall into depression.  Social media depression is the center of study for most of the experts now.

· Social Media Addiction

Studies have suggested that social media addiction is similar to substance abuse. When they get comments, likes, appreciation, and stuff, the reward center of their brains is activated and they feel good about it. This keeps them addicted and in need of more. That’s the reason why your kid can’t take his eyes off his smartphone, or checks his smartphone every once a while.

· Social Media and Mental Health

Researches have concluded that social media seriously harms your mental health. And, the scenario is worst with the kids because they are more prone to the dangers out there because of their innocence and impulsive nature. Soon, they get too much indulged in their social media use that they hardly see their real life. This seriously harms their mental health which continues to deteriorate if nothing is done.

· Cyberbullying, Sexting, and Predators

Among other things that might hurt your kids, there are far more dangerous threats like cyberbullying. Social media is being used widely by friends to humiliate each other by using inappropriate information. Moreover, the relationships made on social media are fake and mostly involve things like sexting that are likely to harm your kids’ reputation in the future. Also, there are online predators who are in search of innocent kids to allure them into sharing information that can be used against them.

Do you think your child is capable of fighting all this? Your kid might not be able to even see these threats coming towards him let alone fight them. That’s why parents need to monitor their kids’ social media to save them from the increasing threats and the dangers that they are unaware of. Sitting silent and letting things go with the flow can be proven dangerous for the physical and mental health of your kid.

Apps for Parents to Monitor Social Media of Kids

To stay involved in the social media world of your kids, you can use parental control apps. These apps let you know everything they are doing on their social media accounts. From there, you can know if there is anything wrong happening and you can take the action right away. Here are some of the best apps for parents to monitor social media of kids:

· Net Nanny

It helps you get control of what your kids can do and see on their digital devices. Parents can select their plan for any device they wish and control it remotely. Parents can easily filter the content that is inappropriate for their kids, block pornography, and see what they have been doing on social media. You can see their chats, their posts, and the whole account.

· TeenSafe

It lets you monitor your kids’ social media activity on both Android and iPhone. You can easily see who your kids have been communicating with and what they are saying. You can also access deleted messages, their web history, and track their location easily. There are plenty of amazing functions that let you see if your kids are doing anything wrong.

· SecureTeen

Among all the parental control apps, SecureTeen is the best one that allows you to protect your kids of any age from any online dangers. You can easily block the inappropriate content from their devices, get ahold of their internet activity, calls, and messages history. You can easily monitor their social media accounts and know if they are in danger or not. You can also manage their screen time and much more through its amazing features.

It is always a good idea to stay ahead of your kids for their safety and protection. The wise decision is to use parental control app and keep an eye on their activities to make sure they are safe.