Teens and Social Media Statistics What is The Trend?

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Like any technology, social media has also both upside and downside. It is all about how it is being used and to what extent is it affecting the user’s health. When it is about adults, they usually have learned the smart and healthy use of social media. But the pros and cons of social media are significantly dangerous when it comes to teenagers using it.

On the bright side, social media platforms are also proven to be lifesavers for some teenagers who feel isolated and lost. These are usually from the LGBTQ community and those who are suffering from mental health issues. Researches have also found that social media has a positive effect on relationships for teens. But all the benefits fade away when they use social media frequently without any guidance or limitations. Let’s take a look at some teens and social media statistics to learn more about this issue.

Teens and Social Media Statistics

  • 80% of teens have reportedly said that they have been cruel and rude to someone over these social media platforms.
  • The frequent use of social media has also increased the number of sexual assaults by a significant percentage in the last year.
  • 12% of the teens have said that they have faced unpleasant and rude behavior several times on these social media websites.
  • 15% of teens have reported that they have been the target of cruelty over social media.
  • 13% of teens reported that they started facing issues with their parents due to the use of social media.
  • 8% of teens reported that they have been in a physical fight with someone because of something posted on the internet.
  • 29% of internet sex crime relationships are initiated on these social media platforms.
  • 67% of teens admitted that they know very well how to hide things on social media from their parents.
  • 43% of teens said that if they knew that their parents were watching, they would have changed their behavior over social media.
  • 39% of teens think that whatever they do on the internet is hidden and private from their parents.
  • 55% of teens are giving out their personal information including photos and videos to strangers over these social media platforms.
  • Almost 20% of teens update their profiles and websites at least once a day.
  • 33% of all sex crimes are initiated on these social media platforms.
  • Among the kids of 9-17 years of age, the time spend on social media is far more than that spend on any other activities.
  • Only 10% of parents have healthy communication with their children about online behaviors.
  • 29% of teens have been usually stacked or followed by strangers over social media.
  • 22% of teens login to their favorite social media platforms at least 10 times a day.
  • Last year, more than 25% of Facebook users were under 10.
  • 25% of teens have been involved in a face-to-face confrontation and fights due to something posted on Facebook.

With these teens and social media statistics, it is hard to say that our teens are safe over the internet. While they might be using social media for their friendships and entertainment, they still can confront many dangers that they don’t even know. They can still be exposed to the threats that they don’t intend to. It is inevitable to be safe on social media while using it this much.

Pornography, Sexting, Cyberbullying, And Flirting

Researchers have established a significant prevalence of pornography in kids under 18. Many youths are easily exposed to pornography even when they are not seeking it. A meta-analysis found that everyone on five kids under 18 is exposed to unwanted sexual material over the internet.

Teens are usually attracted to social media platforms due to the ease of making relationships. It makes it easier for them to talk to someone online than in real life. But, they usually don’t go out with someone who they just met online. So these relationships are nourished online and it leads to flirting, sexting, and other inappropriate things. They say that they feel more connected to their romantic partner over social media. For this purpose, they tend to do anything they are asked for on social media thinking that they won’t face it in real life.

Same way, teens have been using social media platforms to humiliate and insult others. Some of them are so intrigued and determined that they use whatever way they can to humiliate someone. Social media has given them a great platform for such purpose. They can post inappropriate things, make them public, and let the other person feel the insult. Some case studies have determined that cyberbullying can be very dangerous as it has made kids commit suicide due to the embarrassment they face online.

Social media is filled with such threats and dangers. Your kids might be excited about its use at first, but later, they are going to face every corner of it and admit it, it is not a good picture. You can’t stop your kids from using social media, but they must be guided well about its right use.

A Word for Parents

Being parents, the very first mistake we do is to hand our kids the smartphones and internet access without any prior guidance. This is when we give them the authority to do anything they want. However, it shouldn’t be like this at all. Parents must guide their kids properly about what is social media, and how to differentiate between the virtual world and the real world. They need to have a proper conversation with their kids about the right online behavior.

Also, parents usually feel reluctant while monitoring their kids thinking it might take them away. In that case, they might regret it later. To take a wise step, parents must use a parental control app like SecureTeen to make sure their kids are safe on social media. However, they must gain the trust of their kids also. They shouldn’t suffocate them but tell them how important it is to take care of them because of the increasing dangers on social media.

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