Free SMS Tracker Online Why Do You Need One?

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You don’t think texting is wrong? Well, most of the parents don’t think that so no worries, you are in the same boat. Many parents don’t realize the issues related to texting unless their kids start showing weird signs. For parents, texting is just a means of sharing information and whereabouts in the hour of need. But, it has gone too far from this. Now, it is much more than just informing the other person about your location.

If you ever look into the chats of teens, you will see how different their chats are from what you expect. Sharing emotions, feelings, secrets, personal information, and a lot more will be found there. They might not realize it but you know it very well how dangerous it can be for them to share too much via chatting where everything is being recorded on the internet and digital media.

Believe it or not, you need to use free SMS tracker online to keep an eye on your kids and make sure that they are not making serious mistakes. If you are thinking about what possible serious mistakes can they make, then keep on reading.

Texting can make people do things even when they don’t want to do. Soon the relationships and the connections developed through media become more valuable and trustworthy than any other connection on earth including that of parents. These connections can make them do terrible things no matter how bad they are.

Why Should I Track My Kids?

These are the questions that most of the parents ask whenever they are told to use an SMS tracker for their kids. They think their kids are smart, intelligent, and don’t need anyone for their guidance especially when these poor souls are just texting. Is that what you think? Well, there no shame in thinking that, because that is the thought of many parents out there. But again, many of them have lost their kids to the dangers of media such as:


Cyberbullying is no more confined to schools only. Moreover, it is no more something that can be ignored and forgotten. Now kids have gone beyond the limits to get what they want even if it causes them to humiliate someone to the point where they decide to take their lives. Who are they? These kids are among us: they are the ignored ones who try to show their present by teasing someone else but often they get too much far.

Texting is the main started for these kids. Sending name-calling, teasing, and embarrassing texts to the other person to show them how less of a person they are, it is all done via texting. Your kid can be the one who receives such texts or the person who sends these. If you are not keeping an eye, how will you ever know?


Have you ever heard of this concept? If not then embrace yourself, because it is one of the most unexpected things that your kids might be doing, all for having a great relationship. When teens start chatting, they soon develop these relationships where they think that they have got what they wanted; love, care, and happiness. But they want more to take their relationship to every level they wish. This is where sexting comes in.

To become more intimate, teens send inappropriate messages, photos, and videos to the other person to attract them. This includes the content of sexual nature containing nude or partial nudes content. Can you believe that your kids’ inappropriate photos are in the custody of someone else and they can use it wherever and whenever they want? Kids are too innocent and emotional to understand that, but you can.


How often do you see them stuck with their mobile phones tapping on those buttons quickly? Well, if you answer honestly, it will be ‘all the time’. You might have noticed that they have lost interest in the activities they used to enjoy once. They don’t concentrate on the chores you have appointed them to do and even they want to use their mobile phones in the bed as well. How do you think it is all healthy for them?

Texting and social media addiction are like any other addiction because it also enlightens the pleasure center of the brain. For kids, it is equally dangerous as any other drug. They don’t find any other thing amusing. Moreover, they stop playing with their friends and family. They don’t participate in any discussion or debate. This is when you should start worrying because texting and media are taking over their lives for sure.

How to Use Free SMS Tracker Online?

If you understand that dangers are associated with excessive texting, you must understand that tracking will save them from many wrong consequences that they will regret later. At first, you must make them understand the whole scenario and the truth about the dangers of media and excessive texting. You must do them most decently that they don’t feel disrespectful or suffocated. They must understand that you are with them no matter what happens. Opening your doors to them should be the first policy towards betterment.

Secondly, you need to search for the most suitable SMS tracker out there to cater to your needs. Some of them offer a few features like tracking SMS and phone calls whereas others are not known for providing you with the features that serve you in multiple ways. Search for the best app for yourself.

If you can’t do it then it can be assured that SecureTeen is one of the best parental control apps that offers you everything from tracking their SMS, location, and calls to monitoring their social media and screen time. So wait no more, install this amazing parental control app right now and get on the right track of parenting with your teens. After all, you need to make sure that they don’t hurt themselves so get started right now.