Dos and Don’ts for Single Parents

There are a lot of factors that pose a challenge for single parents. These include financial issues, anger for partner in case of divorce or separation and sadness in case of partner’s death, depression, anxiety, extra responsibilities, lack of helping hands, social issues, and much more. As the adult struggles to cope with these problems, they often end up ignoring their kids. This is something that needs to be avoided as it can deal a serious blow to the psychological and even physical well-being of children. If you’re guilty of neglecting your kids while coping with the challenges of being a single parent, then we’ve got a few suggestions for you concerning your own life and the well-being of your little ones.

Do: Give Time to Yourself

Being a parent does not mean that you stop giving time to yourself. You need an extra time to recharge their mind and to get rid of the emotional distress that you may be facing. So, it is highly suggested taking out time for yourself and make sure no one disturbs you during that time. Just relax for a while and avoid thinking about your problems. Go out for dinner or movie with friends, perform exercise regularly and most importantly, make sure that you are taking enough sleep.

Do: Take Time out For Kids

Your kids need your time. Don’t expect them to understand how hectic your routine is. Make a point to free up some time everyday to spend it with them. Create a ritual of doing dinner together, asking them about their day, or helping the teens with their homework. This will strengthen your bonding as a family and you will also feel relaxed.

Do: Build a Support Network

Do not hesitate to take help from your parents, siblings or grandmothers. For instance, if you are a single mother, then ask your brother to attend the father’s day function in kids’ school or request your parents to visit home frequently so that teens may not feel lonely and isolated. Become friends’ with other single mothers and single fathers and share your problems with them as they will understand your situation and offer you useful advices.

Don’t: Suppress your Feelings

Depression and anxiety are common issues after a divorce, separation or death of the partner. Most people try to suppress their feelings in order to remain strong in front of the world, including their own kids. Suppressing emotions is not good for your mental and emotional well-being. Just find the right person, be it your own parents, your siblings, or your family, and vent your feelings in front of them to release the pent up frustration, anger, sadness, or whatever it is that you’re feeling.

Don’t: Jump into another Relationship

Do not enter into a relationship immediately after divorce or separation. You need to be there for your kids. If they’re living with you, help them through the transition. The family dynamics have been changed and they may be struggling to come to terms with it. Keep your focus on them rather than your own loneliness and need for a companion. Even if your kids aren’t living with you, don’t jump into another relation right away. Chances are it won’t go down to well with your youngsters.

Don’t: Take out Your Frustration on Kids

It is natural to be angry and depressed as you have now extra responsibilities on your shoulder, but this does not mean you start shouting and yelling at the kids. Remember, whatever happened isn’t their fault. They are as big a victim of the situation and circumstances as you are, maybe even more. Do not blame them for anything, nor see them as a burden, because they have nobody but you to depend on.

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