Multiple Ways to Get Your Teens Interested in Reading

Reading is rapidly losing ground to technological advancements and electronic gadgets. The younger generation, especially teenagers, find reading to be a burden and don’t want to spend a minute of their precious time doing it. They have their reasons, the biggest one being that they find reading to be incredibly boring. As a parent, your job is to make reading a fun activity for them so that they become interested in it. There are quite a few ways in which you can achieve that.

Find Their Interests

One of the reasons your kids might not be enthusiastic about reading books is because the books that they have with them are not their type. This is where you have to do some legwork and get them books from different genres. Some children like spy thrillers, some like romantic novels, some like comic books, and some like poetry, etc. Once you know what they like and dislike, getting your teens into reading would be a walk in the park.

Don’t Ridicule Them

It has been noticed that the kids who are into comic books are asked to read something more informational, especially by their parents. They think that comic books, like nursery rhymes, are just kids. However, that is not the case. Gone are the days when comics were only created for 5 year olds. These days, they tell some compelling stories which are better than 90% of the movies and TV shows out there. They might not be as literary as other books, but if your youngsters like them, then let them enjoy it. In the early days, your focus should on ensuring that your kids are spending their time on reading, not on what they are reading.

Get Books Based on TV Shows and Movies

If your kids don’t seem to develop interest in any of the books, then they might be more interested in movies and TV shows that originated from the books. Almost every single reader knows that live action or animated shows/movies that take inspiration from literature rarely do them justice. A lot of stuff is left out due to lack of resources and time. So, if your kids like a movie or a TV show that originated from the books, then be sure to buy them the literature behind it. Their love for films/shows will lure them into reading the literature, and it might turn out to be the flare they need to get into reading.

Getting your kids to read books these days is no walk in the park, but it is a must if you want them to grow up smart and knowledgeable. Only thing you have to do is convince them to read, and the aforementioned ways are your best options.

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