Develop Good Reading Habits Among Your Teens

Does your teen like to read? Does he or she even consider developing reading habits?

The answer to this question will be considered ‘no’ as far as the current situation is concerned. There was a time when children had developed a good reading habit but with time the same habit seemed to be diminished.

With the advancement of technology, teens pay more attention towards electronic gadgets now such as mobile phones, laptops, tabs, etc. There is no doubt about the fact that e-readers have now taken over traditional paperbacks in today’s digital world. Even in the presence of e-readers, teens do not really develop reading habits as they should.

Reading has always been considered vital as it develops and nourishes your mind. It not only increases your knowledge on different subjects but also develops your intuitive skills. Therefore, as a parent or a teacher, it is your duty to cultivate a love of reading and to develop reading habits among teens.

So how do you do that?

We have listed down a number of innovative ways that gets your teen reading. Let’s check them out.

Read with Your Teens

One of the best ways to develop reading habits in your teen would be to read along with them. Grab two copies of the same book from a library or a bookstore and start reading. Later, when you’re both done reading the book, discuss with each other and see what both of you learned from it. You can also hand over your favorite book to them and ask them to read. When they’re done reading, ask them whether they liked it or not. Similarly, you can also pick their favorite title and start reading. This practice will enable you to discuss your favorite books with your teens and will also nurture the habit of reading.

Make a Reading Schedule

Organize a proper reading schedule for your teens and make sure they follow it. Whenever you feel your teen is free and he or she has got nothing to do, ask them to read. It could be either after dinner or just before bedtime.  

Organize A Read-A-Thon

You can also organize a book club or a reading session or in newest terminology, a read-a-thon, with adults and teens. A lot of publishers already have arranged reading sessions for the readers. Various authors are invited to read out loud in front of their readers. Encourage your teen to become a part of these sessions. Visit book clubs and various other reading sessions along with your teens to boost their reading habits.   

Keep Reading Materials at Home

Another best way to develop reading habits among your teen is to strategically place reading materials at different places in your home. Your teen will be more likely to read spontaneously when he or she finds the reading material on their study table, in their bathroom, in the car, on the coffee table, or next to their usual morning breakfast.

Frequent Visits to Bookstores and Libraries

Develop a routine to visit bookstores and libraries frequently. On weekends, drop by the bookstore or a library along with your teen to grab a few books and then sit down to a hot chocolate with them. You can inculcate good reading habits among your teens just by going where other people go to browse and read.

Use E-Readers

It might be hard to digest the fact but traditional paperbacks may become extinct very soon as electronic reading devices such as e-readers have already started to replace them. Never let this discourage your teens. Make them read even if they fancy e-readers over paperbacks or hardbacks. With so many e-reader apps available on the internet, you might also want to download one of them into your teen’s phone, thus sustaining the reading habit among them.


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