Top 5 Measures Parents Must Take To Avoid Teen Accidents

Teenage years are a golden period, as it is the time when kids flap their wings and start enjoying things they always wished to. It’s a time to learn new things, but learning may involve facing dangers, and how you as parents react to these dangers surrounding your kids play a vital role in making or breaking your relationship with them. Follow these 5 measures for preventing teen accidents and ensuring teen safety.

1. Keep an Eye on Teens

Teens can be moody, emotional and sensitive due to physical and social changes, so they may end up hurting themselves over little things without realizing the consequences. What if your kid goes on a long trip to a faraway place with his fellow friends without letting you know or call his friends at home for a party in your absence? You obviously cannot monitor him 24 hours a day, so it’s best to use parental control software just to make sure he is safe. Monitoring software can easily tell if your kid is at home doing his homework or partying with his friends. These tools also monitor social media activities of kids, letting you know about their so-called secret plans and the kind of conversations they’re having with their friends.

2. Keep Alcohol at Safe Place

It is in human nature that we feel attracted to things which are prohibited, be it underage sex or drinking. You are and should be proud of your girl and her calm nature, but you may not have seen her wild side, the side which becomes active only in your absence. Even though minors are not legally allowed to buy, possess, or consume alcohol, yet many of them do that anyway. Alcohol and drugs are a must have in teens parties. Trusting kids is good, but taking preventive measures is necessary. Avoid keeping alcohol in the kitchen, refrigerator or any other place teens have an easy access to. Excessive use of alcohol, especially by youngsters, can cause serious health issues.

3. Do Not Give Car Keys to Teens

According to a recent survey done in the US, a majority of road accident cases are caused due to poor driving. We cannot blame teens for poor driving as we are the ones who hand over car keys to them without making sure they are ready to drive and have a driver’s license. It’s highly suggested to get your kid enrolled in driving classes before buying him a vehicle. Also, ask him not to drive the car at night and to avoid roads with relaxed speed limit.

4. Keep Guns Unloaded

Teens are always looking for ways to impress their friends and uploading a picture with a gun in the hand is an easy way of attracting attention. What starts out as fun can turn into a nightmare, so make sure your gun remains unloaded and locked in a safe place.

5. Avoid Leaving Teens Alone at Home

While going through news yesterday, I came to know about a girl whose father left her home alone along with her cousin only for 2 hours. When he returned, he found her on the floor, unconscious. Doctors told him that she could have lost her life had she not been rushed to the hospital as she was. She had consumed a huge amount of alcohol, thinking its best time to enjoy the liquid without worrying about getting caught. This is just one example, and in many cases, the consequences are much graver. So, if you think your kid is mature enough to take care of himself, then you are wrong. He still needs someone to keep an eye on him. So if you are going for a business trip or you’re to come home late, then ask your neighbor or any relative to keep a check on the child just to make sure he is not doing anything harmful.

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