Some Effective Self-Defense Tips You Should Make Sure Your Teen Knows!

Gone are the days when kids used to walk back home from school all by themselves, go for a walk down the street late at night, or drive alone. There was a time when parents did not have to constantly worry about their teens’ whereabouts or keep on a track on them all the time. Due to an increase in the rate of street crimes, bullying, and other mishaps, teens, especially girls, are no longer safe when they’re alone. They are always accompanied by their elder siblings, parents, or male friends in order to stay away from any potential hazard. Parents would never want their girl teens to risk their life, therefore they always advise them to accompany someone. But for how long would parents instill fear of getting attacked into their teens’ minds? As parents, they need to make their kids understand the concept of self-defense. It is something that everyone, male or female, should know. It would be better for your teens to be prepared in case they get attacked by an assaulter. They need to get self-defense classes. These classes will properly train them and make them aware of all the important self-defense tips and moves. We have listed down some of these effective self-defense tips that your teens should know.


This is probably the best thing you could think of if you’re ever being chased or attacked by someone. The first thing that would come to your mind will be to escape and seek help from someone. Therefore, whenever you’re successfully able to get out of an attacker’s grip, run as fast as your legs could carry you.

Always Go for The Eyes

When an assaulter is first attacked in the eye, it causes him to throw off balance. Hitting him right in his eyes would not only hurt him but also make him vulnerable. Therefore, whenever you feel an attacker is trying to attack you, always for his eyes first. Use your thumbs to scratch their eyes.

Utilize Your Bows

Throwing punches at the attacker would not be a good idea. Instead of doing that, we recommend you to utilize your elbows and forearms. Grip the attacker’s neck with one hand, gouge his eyes, and then hit him in the face with your elbow.

Attack Groin

Whenever assaulters are attacked on their groin, they will hurt a lot especially if they are guys. You can use your hands to hold his neck or shoulders and then throw your knee up into his groin area. It will cause the attacker to growl in pain and also cause him to step backward. Meanwhile, you escape from the situation.

Try Bicycle Kick

If or ever the assaulter tries to attack you and takes you on the ground, then never forget to use the bicycle kick. Use your legs and continuously kick the assaulter on his face till he falls off.

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