Teens and Prom Night: The Safety Guidelines Every Parent Must Know

Prom night is an event that teens anxiously start waiting for right after entering high school. What makes it such a huge event for them is that it marks the start of a new phase of their life. While teens relate prom with dancing, kissing, laugher, and much more, parents see the night from a whole different angle. They are less interested in the festivities of the event and more concerned about protecting their kids from everything the night has the potential to offer, which includes but is not limited to reckless driving, unprotected sex, drug abuse, and alcohol consumption. Keeping teens safe at prom without ruining their night can be difficult but definitely not impossible. Here are some prom night guidelines to ensure that your teens get through the night unharmed.

Plan Everything Ahead of Time

It’s natural for teens to feel excited about what they expect to be one of the memorable nights of their lives. It is in this excitement that some tend to overlook minor details like how will they go to the prom, what will they be doing post-prom and where, etc. You can help them in planning everything out so that their night goes smoothly. Take care of these important things to make this event even more perfect for your youngsters:

  • Ask them about their date
  • Arrange a vehicle that can take them to the prom
  • Select the venue for post-prom parties
  • Talk with the parents of other kids and get their contact number
It’s Time for a Refresher Course

With prom night right around the corner, it’s time to remind kids that they are not allowed to take drugs, consume alcohol or have sex. The main purpose of this refresher course is to make it clear to them where you stand on sex, alcohol and drugs. Tell teens that prom in not an excuse for indulging in activities that are strictly prohibited. You may also share the health and legal repercussions of these activities. Setting ground rules and communicating your expectations is a good way of keeping kids from participating in any activity that can be dangerous for them.

Stay in Touch

Prom is the night of celebration, and some teens want to celebrate their freedom by doing things they are not supposed to do. Many of these teens also pressurize their friends to join them. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the rate of teen accidents increases by 70% during prom weekend as most teens do not wear seatbelts. It also revealed that roughly 300 teens lost their lives during the last three years as a result of alcohol-related car incidents on prom nights. Not only this, several studies have linked sexual abuse and alcohol consumption with this event. Your kid may also become a victim of abuse or peer pressure. The best way to make sure they stay safe and sober is to give them a phone so that they can contact you in case of any emergency. Tell them that you won’t ask any questions or need any explanations. If they already own a phone, it may be a wise idea to install a legitimate cell phone tracker on it to remain updated about their whereabouts.

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