Some Safe Dating Tips for Teens This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is around the corner which means this is the perfect moment to express your fondness for someone you like. Same goes for teens. Liking someone becomes a natural phenomenon as soon as teens step into adulthood.

In fact, many teens hold on to their feelings and do not express anything to the other person until Valentine’s Day has arrived. This day encourages them to come out of their cocoons and express their fondness for the one they like in order to begin dating.

While dating is a period where teens have fun, it is also important for them to stay safe while they are dating. Teen dating can be tricky especially when a teen begins to date someone for the first time. Nobody wants to see getting into an abusive relationship. Therefore, teens should be mindful of dating tips that can keep them safe while they are dating someone.   

In this post, we will be highlighting some safe dating tips that can help teens stay safe while they are having fun. Let’s have a look at them.

Safe Dating Tips for Teens

For teens and those new to dating, it can be quite exciting when they meet someone who seems fascinating, charming and shows interest in them. Teens can easily fall head over heels for someone as they are willing to try something new.

Dating can be a whole new exciting experience for them but one should not just jump into something without keeping a few safety tips in mind. Following are some safe dating tips to help them date someone smoothly and safety.

Date Someone You Trust and Know

One of the most important dating tips we’d like to mention here is dating someone you know and trust. If you do not know someone then you should never date them. It can be practically difficult to become friends with someone before dating them but one should always try to get to know them through a group hangout or a double-date before going out alone with them.

It would be comforting to see how your date-to-be behaves with others or how they get along with them. This way you would get some good clues about what to expect from them. Also, talking to them on phone prior to the meeting will always be helpful as you will get more time to know them before you go out with them.   

Be Cautious About Meeting People Online

When it’s about dating someone you’ve met online, you need to be extremely careful. Because most people do not appear to be the same person in real life as you had expected them to be online. They can be different personalities both online and in person.

When you’re about to meet someone you’ve met online, make sure to insist them that you won’t be meeting them alone in person. Tag along with a friend with you or meet them with a bunch of people. Ask them lots of questions to be sure that the person you’re about to meet is who they claimed to be on the internet.

Remember, you need to trust your instincts. If something doesn’t seem right about the person you’ve just met, never share your contact details with them and excuse yourself from the situation immediately.

Keep Your Parents Informed

It is advisable to never go on a date without telling someone about it. Some teens try to keep their private life hidden from their parents and siblings, thinking they would not approve of their relationship but this same negative thought can take a toll on them if something goes wrong.

Even if you’re not willing to tell them and feel it’s annoying, you still need to keep your parents informed. If it’s too much for you to tell your mom or dad then you can inform your siblings. Someone from your family must know about the person you are going out with. Also, they must know about the place you have planned to go and at what time should they expect you to come back home.

It’s always a good thing to take your cell phone along, in case you have one. Moreover, leave your date’s contact details with your family, just in case anything bad happens.

Communicate Your Limits Clearly

Communicating your limits to your date clearly before going on a date with them is important. Be sure to review your personal and moral values as well as hopes before you go out on a date. Make sure you inform your date about what makes you comfortable and what not while you’re on a date.

You can tell them if you do not like extreme things whether it’s spicy food, sex, or alcohol. Tell them about the things that are off-limits to you. It is also important to know and respect your date limit’s as well.

If there’s something that makes you feel uncomfortable, you should say ‘no’ openly and confidently. It is also okay to change your mind if something doesn’t feel right. If your date is understanding then they will respect your decision and back off. If they don’t respect your decision, then you need to leave the situation immediately.

Stay Away from Alcohol and Drugs

Never take drugs and alcohol while you’re out on a date because these things compromise your ability to make informed decisions and to run away from dangerous situations. Consumption of drugs and alcohol can be dangerous in a sense that they can make you take risks you wouldn’t take otherwise with your body, your car, and your overall safety in general.

If you’re high on drugs or alcohol, you won’t be able to get to know your date properly and also keep them from getting to know the real side of you.  The majority of teens get high when they arrive with a date in tow, forgetting about each other.

In many instances, teens are sexually assaulted after someone adds a strong sedative drug into their drink. The best way to avoid teen dating violence and to keep yourself from getting hurt is to resist the urge to drink. When you’re in your complete senses while on a date, you can make smart decisions for yourself.


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