New Teenage Drivers: How Accidents Happen

Even the most responsible of teens will eventually get carried away by peer pressure and indulge in reckless driving. Estimates say teenagers are four times likely to meet an accident. According to the data released by CDC, in 2010, almost 2700 teens aged between 16 to 19 were killed in road accidents. The main cause of most accidents involving teens are distracted driving, not wearing a seatbelt, over-speeding and driving under the influence. This article will look into a few tips that parents can execute to ensure that their teens are safer on the roads. 

No Attitude on the Road

A road is the last place to be reckless or adventurous on. Parents have to ensure that their teen's know that the driver is not just responsible for the safety of his own life and car, but the safety of all the passengers and other drivers on the road as well. Showing an attitude on the road is not going to earn them any points with the road safety department.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you have already taught your teen how to drive, now is the time to take them out for practice sessions to gain confidence and expertise. Always make sure that these practice sessions are supervised. The more practice they get the better drivers they'll become.

Belting Them In

Almost every commercial or brochure you pick on road safety, the first thing to be hammered in is “wear a seatbelt”, yet, this is the one thing most drivers fail to do.  Teaching your teen this vital message while they are still in the passenger seat, will help them act on it naturally when they get into the drivers seat. So, make sure you insist on wearing seatbelt even if you are just driving around the corner.

The Three D’s

Teenage drivers and accidents, usually smell of alcohol and drugs. In fact, DUI is one of the most common causes of road accidents involving teenagers. So, make sure that you remind your teen of the dangers of driving while drunk or high. Such a driver is not just a threat to himself but to everyone else on the road with him.

Friends! Not Sardines

Having way too many passengers in the car is another danger your teen needs to be aware of. The more passengers in the car, higher the chances the driver will get distracted, especially a new and inexperienced one.

Driving in the Dark

The chances of getting into a car accident are exponentially increased at night. This is even more risky for those who have just started driving, so for the sake of your child’s safety and all those on the road with them, limit your teen's driving in the dark.

Remove All Distractions

Another crucial way a teen can avoid accidents while driving, is to keep all his attention on the road. Teens are so used to using cellphones and music players and other gadgets that even when they are behind the wheel, they wouldn't stop using the gadgets. Make sure you remind them that talking on the phone, listening to music or checking emails is an extremely dangerous activity to indulge in and the cause of almost 80% of all fatal accidents on the road. Create rules for gadgets that you buy for your teens so that they don't end up in a wreck. 

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