Reads About Fighting Peer Pressure

The best way to teach your teen or tween about peer pressure and resisting it is teaching them about it through books. You can explain about negative and positive peer pressure in great detail but it’s even better that your kids read about it. Books will re-enforce the conversations you have had with your child. Books will not only have a greater impact on their minds but will also help them achieve a clearer understanding about peer pressure and its dynamics. Here are some books on peer pressure to help parents, teens and educators:

Hot Issues, Cool Choices: Facing Bullies, Peer Pressure And Put-Downs By Sandra Mcleod Humphrey is an engaging read both for teachers and parents to help kids. The author aims to empower teens so they can effectively deal with the challenges like bullying and peer pressure with the guidance of their teachers and parents. The author includes interesting case studies which are guaranteed to make teens think about the problems peer pressure and bullying can cause.


How To Say No And Keep Your Friends: Peer Pressure Reversal For Teens And Preteens by Sharon Scott states facts about peer pressure. It is a book full of practical suggestions for teens accompanied by true stories and lively cartoons. Instead of telling kids stories about teens who did not have the courage to say no to their friends, Scott tries to lighten the atmosphere by giving them suggestions and small tips to resist peer pressure.


Friends, Cliques And Peer Pressure: Be True To Yourself

This is a book for parents and educators. It aims to sensitize them towards the challenges and pressures teens face at school. This is accompanied by practical advice that helps readers to understand the problem more clearly.


The Courage To Be Yourself: True Stories By Teens About Cliques, Conflicts And Overcoming Peer Pressure by Al Dessatta is book full of true stories about teens that have been harasses and abused by their peers, their teachers and their own family. These stories are very inspiring because in all of them, teens did not give in and they were courageous enough to say no and stand by their decision.

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